So We’re All Decided, NHL Hard Knocks Needs to Happen, Right?

In case you haven’t noticed (why should you?) I’ve been working for SB Nation New York, SB Nation’s regional site dedicated to … wait for it … New York. On a whim, I decided I would do an AV Club/Television Without Pity style “recap” series for the HBO show, Hard Knocks, starring the New York Jets and Rex Ryan. You can read the first episode recap here. It was the first time I’d ever watched the series, which has had multiple incarnations over nearly a decade and, while it teetered on really boring at times, it was something I appreciated as it went on.

I believe I’ve written before in this space that the NHL should get involved with HBO Sports more than the one-off flirtation with that Flyers documentary. Why not try Hard Knocks: Hockey Edition? There are certainly a couple of teams in the post-lockout NHL that could be used. The Blackhawks certainly proved entertaining. The Capitals, I mean, Ovechkin and Boudreau could carry a 10-year series. The Flyers, with Pronger and the long-rumored locker room tensions between the players. The Sharks would be an interesting hockey story, but offers little in the way of personality to casual fans.

Like I said, the show can be really boring at times. Hockey players can be really, really boring at times. But why not take a shot on something edgy? Whenever the NHL produces anything, it can’t help but feel soft and down the middle. Hell, John Collins even said as much as that: he wants to keep the NHL Network from being too controversial or opinionated. Let the HBO folks draw some personality out of the game.  That, and lots and lots of swearing.


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