On the Fly to Air in HD This Season, Ending What Seems Like a Decade of Me Complaining About It

From Chris Botta’s must-read interview with NHL COO John Collins:

“Yes, ‘On the Fly’ will be available in HD this season,” said Collins, as if he anticipated the question.

“On the Fly” is the NHL Network equivalent of MLB Network’s “MLB Live Tonight.” “On the Fly” is for hockey junkies — an all-night barrage of highlights, commentary, interviews and live look-ins at games. However, since the network launched in 2007, the popular program has not been available in hi-def — a felony in Hockey Nation. No more.

Collins revealed that this season NHL Network is taking over the former studios of Rogers Sportsnet in Canada, “on the CTV campus,” as he called it. “On the Fly” will not see any drastic changes in editorial content, but everything else about the production will be elevated.


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8 Responses to On the Fly to Air in HD This Season, Ending What Seems Like a Decade of Me Complaining About It

  1. Stacey says:


  2. Chris S says:

    Kevin Weekes just said NHL Network Canada is going HD too. I think it’s about damn time!

  3. leafsfan1967 says:

    This is a good move.

    I also hope the NHL Network in the States goes back to showing the FULL Hockey Night in Canada package on Saturday night which means going back to showing the second game and After Hours live.

    • Rhett says:

      This I agree with 100%.

    • frank says:

      I am all for the network showing saturday night games, but it should NOT be the HNIC games each week.

      Show the best early game matchup and best late game matchup.

      What is so special about watching a lousy leafs team each and every week. That is NOT going to grow the game here in the states.

      Those games should be on centre ice if they arent the marquee matchup.

      And if your response is that you need to see hnic in HD, get a canadian dish, which is very easy to do.

      • Chris S says:

        I think the point of showing it is because of it’s legendary status. It’s been on since 1952. Maybe the NHL Network could alternate between Leafs, Habs and Senators, because they’re all usually on HNIC at the same time.

  4. Justin says:

    Thank god! It was really stupid because the NHL network would air commericals on their network and the commerical would be in HD and show parts of the on the fly show in HD too!

    • Xavier says:

      No the regular nightly On The Fly show was 100% SD. Only when they did some of their special shows, like at the stanley cup, was it done in HD.

      Notice though that the NHL said “this season” and not necessarily for the start of the season.

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