Oilers and Flames End PPV Service in Landmark Deals with Rogers

Calgary, AB – Rogers Sportsnet today announced an unprecedented 10-year partnership with Alberta’s two National Hockey League teams, under which Rogers Sportsnet will be the clubs’ Official Television Broadcaster and provider of digital media content until 2020.

Beginning with the upcoming 2010-11 NHL season, Rogers Sportsnet West and Rogers Sportsnet ONE will combine to televise at least 58 Calgary Flames and 58 Edmonton Oilers games for 10 seasons within the Flames and Oilers regional territory which includes Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

This agreement will also mean Alberta’s NHL hockey fans will no longer have to rely on Flames and Oilers Pay Per View broadcasts to in order to view games not being broadcast on Sportsnet West.

“Sportsnet has been a partner of both the Flames and Oilers since we launched back in 1998,” said Doug Beeforth, President, Rogers Sportsnet. “And as our relationship grew over the years, it became the foundation for this remarkable extension of the partnership. We could not be more excited and delighted about today’s announcement”.

Rogers Sportsnet ONE is a new 24-hour sports channel that will launch on Saturday, August 14th as the newest member of the Sportsnet family of channels, which includes Rogers Sportsnet West, the exclusive regional broadcaster of the Flames and Oilers since 1998.

“Rogers Sportsnet’s agreement with the Flames and Oilers ensures years of high quality production, maximum exposure, and full fan participation with their favourite Alberta team,” said Ken King, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Calgary Flames. “We are proud to be partners with Rogers Sportsnet.”

“I would call this agreement a milestone event for our organization and for our wonderful fans,” stated Patrick LaForge, Edmonton Oilers President and CEO. “Working together with Rogers Sportsnet, the Calgary Flames and the NHL, I believe we have created the most dynamic and dominant broadcast vehicle for our fans. It is equal to any television partnership anywhere in the NHL.”

NHL regional restrictions apply for Rogers Sportsnet West and Rogers Sportsnet ONE, with Flames and Oilers games made available to viewers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories.

Schedule details for Flames and Oilers games on Rogers Sportsnet ONE and Rogers Sportsnet West will be announced at a later date. Flames and Oilers fans should contact their local digital cable or satellite provider about ordering Rogers Sportsnet

4 Responses to Oilers and Flames End PPV Service in Landmark Deals with Rogers

  1. Josh says:

    The Canucks made the same deal with Sportsnet ONE a week or two ago, offloading 14 woulda-been PPV games.

    I’m torn by this. On the one hand, I think anything that results in fewer or no PPV games is a good thing (last season, the Canucks were charging something like $15 per game for the high-def feed, which is absolute insanity), but on the other hand, this is only helping Rogers gouge consumers with a new channel.

    Basically, Rogers is watering down Sportsnet so that they can sell us all this new BS channel. There would have been plenty of room for pretty much all the properties on the existing channels if they’d wanted to make it so. This new channel is going to be digital-only I assume, so it won’t be going to any of the analog consumers who, as it is, only get their one, local Sportsnet feed. The fact of the matter is that Rogers has four regional feeds that they could have spread their content around on. It’s a really rare night when all four of those channels are airing NHL games (and rarer still that they’re all airing NHL games *at the same time*), so if they’d wanted, they could have easily given Ontario viewers the choice of, say, the Leaf game on the Ontario channel, and an NBA game on the Pacific channel. But instead, they’ve chosen to create this new channel where they’ll offload a bunch of NBA and a little NHL and MLB, and they’ll keep showing poker or darts or “Connected” on the regional channels that don’t have a live event.

    Basically Rogers sucks.

    • Chris S says:

      Agree 100%. I don’t even know if my provider will be carrying this new channel, and if they do, it’ll be extra money, for something I already get. This is Rogers’ pathetic response to TSN2.

      • Josh says:

        If I was a Canucks fan (I live in their territory), I would probably think this was ultimately a good thing, because it would mean I’d only have to shell out maybe 5 bucks more a month or so max for the new channel (or a new bundle, or whatever), and I’d be getting 14 more Canucks games. And the math is such that it’s a better deal than the PPV games, whether you buy them individually or a season pass. But that’s the *only* way that it’s a positive for consumers. In every other way, it is a step backwards.

        It also has the happy consequence (from Rogers’ and TSN’s point of view, I mean) of dealing a potentially fatal blow to The Score. After all, it’s Sportsnet ONE that took NBA/Raptors and EPL rights from them, which means that poor, neglected Score is left with CIS football, NCAA football and basketball and Serie A (Italy) soccer as its “big-time” live properties.

      • Chris S says:

        Don’t forget the WWE crap they show about 4 or 5 nights a week. Yeah, the only thing I ever watch on The Score any more is their Sirius Satellite Radio simulcast in the afternoon. I give them 2 or 3 years max. If CBC ever gets their sports channel up and running, that will be it for the Score.

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