NHL Awards, NHL Draft Score Modest Numbers

According to Sports Media Watch, the NHL Draft on VERSUS drew 201,000 viewers a week ago on Friday, while two days before, the NHL Awards drew 206,000 viewers. ┬áThe telecasts were beaten by an Indiana/Washington WNBA game on ESPN2 (251,000 viewers), an Indy Car race on VERSUS (400,000 viewers), an MLB Network game (303,000 viewers), 7AM coverage of Wimbledon on ESPN2 (393,000 viewers) and the NBA Free Agency Summit on ESPN (925,000 viewers), but did beat a head-to-head Arena Football game on the NFL Network (58,000 viewers). ┬áNot trying to be negative, just noting that it’s sort of curious that, with all the NHL’s attention drawn on this and all the viewing parties, that numbers were this low.

(Additional info from pifeedback.com)