A Sad (But Not in a JR Way) Morning Music Breakdown

Good morning.  I always get a little bit teary-eyed when I read that only 17 teams have won the Stanley Cup.  Only eight teams have won it more times than the Devils, and I saw every one of those victories in my lifetime.  It is a very good life.  Those Chicago fans, some of them waited 49 years.  Some of them waited much less, and some of them hung around in a purgatory of the middle of that.  If I’d been born a Blackhawk fan, this would’ve been my first.  If I’d been born a Flyer fan, I’d still be waiting.

But the season’s over now.  We’re all left looking for other things to occupy our time.  Some of us will watch the World Cup.  Some of us will tide over to football with baseball (most likely for me).  But on October 7th, if not sooner for the awards and the draft and the schedule release day, all of us will return to hockey.  That’s what we do.  That’s why we’re here.  To enjoy a silly game of men with sticks and gloves chasing a little rubber disc until Patrick Kane wins it in Game 6 at 4:10 from Brian Campbell, past Michael Leighton to take Lord Stanley’s Cup.

That’s our quest as hockey fans, players, sons, fathers, mothers, daughters, friends and rivals.  That’s all we want.  The chase to try and get it begins again today.

Have a good summer.  Stick with me for the ratings news today, if you like.  Puck the Media will be off, or potentially in a guest editor week next week.  I’ll be back for the week leading up to the schedule release, awards show and draft, where I’ll probably whine about VERSUS doing no original coverage of the event.  Then… well, there will be some time to think about all this and figure out what the rest of the summer will be like for me.  If your ride with me ends here, thank you.  If you’re sticking with me till the end of the month, thank you double.

Congratulations Chicago.  Congratulations Philly.  Congratulations hockey.  You had a good year, all things considered.


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