VERSUS Slumps to 3.1 Million For Game 4

For the first time in this series, a Stanley Cup Final broadcast disappointed.

The NHL On VERSUS drew 3.1 million viewers for their broadcast of Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final on Friday night.  This is down 9% from last year’s Game 4, which aired on a Thursday night and featured Detroit vs. Pittsburgh.  It is the first game of this year’s series to go down from the 2009 Final.  The game was also, as Darren Rovell of CNBC points out, beaten by the National Spelling Bee Championship on ABC.  Sigh.

Anyway, the NHL Stanley Cup Final averaged 4.25 million viewers through its’ first four games (1-2 on NBC, 3-4 on VERSUS) up 5% from 4.05 million after four games last year.  VERSUS’ two broadcasts of the Final averaged 3.369 million viewers, also up 5% from the 3.212 million average from last year’s Game 3-4, and the network’s best two-game average for the Final on record.

4 Responses to VERSUS Slumps to 3.1 Million For Game 4

  1. Gumper says:

    Do they also count bars/restaurants viewership when they do the ratings for Versus?

    • Mike says:

      No, they don’t count bars/restaurants viewership for ratings (for any network), which is why ratings are usually lower Friday/Saturday since more people go out on these nights.

  2. nosferatu says:

    I wonder how many people would have watched the Spelling Bee had it been on Versus.

  3. Gumper says:

    Thats why I think its incorrect to blame Versus. Since most of my colleagues dont have Versus they go to a bar to watch the games. So, they probably have better numbers than what’s reported. I hope the NHL considers that when they sign new contracts.

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