In this Corner… Ron MacLean. In this corner… Gary Bettman

3 Responses to In this Corner… Ron MacLean. In this corner… Gary Bettman

  1. kevin says:

    They should just put all the teams in Canada to shut Canadians up. Maybe if they let a Canadian team win the Cup every other year they wouldn’t be so miserable.

  2. kevin says:

    Bettman was hired to get the NHL on national TV in the US. The guy has done his job. It’s not his fault ratings are low…..As for expansion…yeah it has its problems but if you are going to be on national TV you need teams located NATIONALLY…The big problem in the old days was that TV stations in the South wouldn’t pick up the network hockey feed because there was no reason for anyone to be watching without a local team. You have to have teams in the South for a national network to say….yeah we’ll give it a shot. As for moving teams out of Winnipeg/Quebec…if those teams were making money they would not have left town. You can’t blame Bettman for Canadian economics….

  3. jj says:

    Bettman isn’t the best communicator in the world which leads to his criticism. He got the NHL is tv deal in the 90s and now has the leauge in a position of strength finally NBC and versus are gettting good ratings. This is it as for ratings 3.0 on versus would be a high and NBC maybe could get a 5 if the right teams are involved. The nhl next tv contract should be good and maybe they can get ESPN, VS and NBC in on a deal like the NBA and get all 7 finals games on NBC this time.

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