Game 1 Draws 3 Million to CBC

From William Houston:

In Canada, the CBC, without the advantage of a Canadian team participating, drew a pretty good 3.164 million viewers. The pre-game show was watched by 989,000.

For round three – the two conference finals – had 356,000 views for the online streams. That’s a 600 per cent increase over 51,000 in 2009.

So we have 7 million viewers across North America for Game 1.

5 Responses to Game 1 Draws 3 Million to CBC

  1. CHris says:

    game 2 should be closer to 9 million

  2. CHris says:

    Oh..and that doesn’t include RDS

  3. Colton says:

    Or the viewers that might have watched the NBC telecast instead. I’m guessing that it’s around 9 million total.

  4. Jeremy says:

    If anyone’s interested, RDS drew an average of 1,667,400 viewers for the Canadiens-Flyers five-game series, down slightly from the 1,746,000 average against the Penguins (seven games) but up significantly from the 1,338,000 average against the Capitals (also seven games). The game-by-game breakdown against the Flyers is as follows:

    Game 1 – 1,655,000 (peak 2,234,000)
    Game 2 – 1,595,000 (peak 2,122,000)
    Game 3 – 1,873,000 (peak 2,828,000)
    Game 4 – 1,678,000 (peak 2,518,000)
    Game 5 – 1,535,000 (peak 2,736,000)

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