NBC Draws 2.0 For Hawks Clincher; Flyers Game 4 Win Solid As Well

The NHL slayed much of the competition this weekend.

NBC Sports told Puck the Media that the Blackhawks Game 4 win over the San Jose Sharks drew a 2.0 overnight rating for the network’s Sunday broadcast.  The telecast was up 33% from the comparable game last season (DET/CHI Game 4, 1.5).  It is the highest-rated hockey game – aside from the Winter Classic – on American Television this season, and the best number an indoor NHL game has drawn since Game 1 of last year’s Conference Final (CHI/DET), which also drew a 2.0.  The game averaged a whopping 14.1/32 in Chicago, meaning nearly 1 in 3 TV sets that were on in Chi-town had the Hawks on.  The game is also up from last Sunday’s 1.7 rating for Game 1.  The game totaled a less impressive 4.4 in the Bay Area.

While certainly a lower number, NBC’s 1.6 rating for Saturday’s Philadelphia/Montreal telecast is nothing to look down upon, considering it featured a Canadian team, and Canadian audiences do not factor into American ratings.  It equals the 1.6 the previous Montreal telecast scored on the network against Pittsburgh in Round 2.  There was no comparable game last year.  The game drew a 12.0/27 in Philly for the Flyer win.

Most importantly, the NHL can consider itself a big winner on broadcast television this weekend.  According to Sports Business Daily (reg. rquired), aside from FOX’s Saturday night MLB telecast (3.6), the NHL had the highest ratings of anything else on a somewhat light sports Saturday, beating out (or tying) events like PGA Tournament events (1.1 and 1.6), poker (1.1), gymnastics (0.8), and – particularly satisfying – the UEFA Champions League Final (1.1), which FOX Sports head-man David Hill had been crowing would draw big numbers.  Overall, the NHL is a big winner on TV, and… when else can you say that?

9 Responses to NBC Draws 2.0 For Hawks Clincher; Flyers Game 4 Win Solid As Well

  1. kevin says:

    I’m surprised the numbers are that good. However, 3 pm starts are so much better than the 12:30 time slot the NHL usually gets. I think a Chi/Phi Final could really do great #s if it is a long series.

  2. Mike in Idaho says:

    I like both hockey and soccer and think the UEFA Champions League final would have done much better if there was an English team in it. Can’t we all just get along?

  3. kevin says:

    The MLB game was three regional…GAMES at night. Tough to compare against one afternoon hockey game. FOX used to do regional NHL games and the ratings were always better than NBC. Not sure why NBC doesn’t do regional games during the regular season or even playoffs. They’re probably just way too lazy…they would rather get a 1.1 and have to do absolutely nothing in the way of promotion or creative thinking….

  4. kevin says:

    As for the soccer…I’m kinda offended that they show that here in the US. Do they show NHL/NBA/NFL games on the BBC in England or anywhere in Europe on national TV. Honestly, I think it is just catering to the illegals among us. It belongs on Telemundo………..show MLS if you must

    • Mike in Idaho says:

      Troll alert! It turns out they do show NHL/NBA, other North American games in Europe on channels like ESPN International, similar to European soccer being on channels like Fox Soccer Channel here. Keep that in mind next time you go to Europe although I’m guessing a xenophobe like yourself won’t ever make the trip. How can you be offended by a soccer game being on TV, maybe you better go shoot your TV since the World Cup is starting in a few weeks.

    • Josh says:

      Thanks for this, Kev. Now it’s abundantly clear we should all just stop paying attention to you.

  5. John says:

    I’m amazed that the NHL does as well as it does considering it gets virtually no national mainstream pub.

  6. Jeremy says:

    FYI, from the Toronto Star (although I could have sworn that McGuire was between the benches):

    MONTREAL–Chalk up one for the home team.

    RDS, despite fierce discussions over Friday and Saturday, managed to maintain it’s right to put an on-ice broadcaster in the coveted spot between the benches for today’s Game 4 between the Canadiens and Flyers.

    RDS has “No. 1” position for the game and theoretically first dibs on pretty much everything. But the 3 p.m. start time was an NBC request – CBC figured it would lose about one million viewers compared to a nighttime game – and lobbied to have their analyst, Pierre Maguire, get the between-the-benches position.

    NBC was actually third in the pecking order behind RDS and CBC. In the end, RDS analyst Joel Bouchard gets the prime position, while CBC’s Glenn Healy and Maguire will be stationed at two other vantage points for the highly anticipated match.

    So, Canadian insecurities aside, the American networks don’t always dictate the show.

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