VERSUS Draws Under a Million For Game 7

According to the NHL and VERSUS, the network drew an 0.94 national rating for Game #7 of the Flyers-Bruins series.  This was good for 694,507 households, and a total of 929,874 viewers.  There was no comparable telecast last season.  The game drew over 600,000 households and 1.1 million viewers from the local telecasts (CSN Philly – 11.6 rating, 342,000 households, 592,000 viewers; NESN – 13.2 rating, 318,000 households, 509,000 viewers), so a total of more than 2 million folks watched the game nationwide, in addition to 2.1 million in Canada.


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6 Responses to VERSUS Draws Under a Million For Game 7

  1. kevin says:

    Pretty good numbers…I have to think a Chi/Phil Final would put up great numbers. Two major TV markets that usually put up luke warm hockey numbers at best will put up huge ratings locally while the true hockey fans in places like Det/Pitt/Buf/Bos will still be watching in decent numbers due to brand name teams like the Flyers and Hawks being involved

  2. Jeremy says:

    So there were more people in Canada watching than in the U.S., and this despite the fact that:

    (a) both teams involved were U.S.-based (and from big U.S. markets); and
    (b) Canada’s population is one-tenth the size of the U.S.

    • Colton says:

      (A)The game was on TSN in Canada, the equivalent of ESPN.
      (B)The game was on Versus in the USA, a channel that lots of people have but they don’t know that they have.

      There’s plenty of room for growth for Versus. People need to be patient.

  3. kevin says:

    Yeah….but in Canada there are only like two channels. So its either hockey or the weather channel. Actually I think all these numbers are kinda bogus seeeing as last year Pitt/Det Game 7 had 8 million viewers on NBC and something like 3 million in Canada. Most likely Canada has their 2-3 million hardcore hockey viewers whereas the US market actually has some growth possiblities. 2 million for this game…8 million for Pens/Wings….35 million for USA/Can Olympic game

    • Josh says:

      Kevin – I get over three hundred channels, and I live, literally, in the arctic. Get educated before you open your mouth from now on.

  4. Jeremy says:

    The U.S. always seems to have growth “possibilities” – they just never materialize.

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