BREAKING: NBC Draws 1.7 Rating For Blackhawks/Sharks, Down From 2009

With one slightly smaller hockey market in San Jose as an opponent, Game #1 of a Conference Final series featuring the Chicago Blackhawks debuted to lower numbers than last year, despite mastodonic ratings locally.  All this aside, yesterday’s tilt was the highest rated indoor hockey broadcast of the season on network TV.

NBC Sports told Puck the Media last night that their broadcast of Game #1 of the Blackhawks/Sharks series drew a 1.7 overnight rating, down 15% from last year’s telecast, Game#1 of the Blackhawks/Red Wings series.  It is, however, even with the comparable telecast two years ago, which is Game #5 of the Flyers/Penguins series.  It shows great strength in some of the leagues more western, less exposed (in San Jose’s case) markets.  However, Chi-town appears to be the star of the ratings story.  Sunday’s tilt drew an eye-popping, 11.2/27 overnight in the second city, up from a 7.7/19 for Game #1 in 2009.  Ratings are unavailable as of this time for the San Jose/San Francisco/Oakland market, but I’ll add them when they come in.  UPDATE: The game drew a 5.6 in the Bay Area.

To date, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are averaging a 1.4 overnight rating, up from a 1.3 at this point last season.  Overall, some positive signs for the NHL.  While they got destroyed by the NBA in a similar timeslot, they beat PGA golf , and I wouldn’t be shocked if they had comparable, if not better numbers than FOX’s MLB coverage this weekend.  It’ll be interesting to see if there is growth from this week to next on NBC’s telecasts of the series.

2010 Playoff Overnights on NBC

4/17/10 – BOS vs. BUF, Game 2: 1.2
4/18/10 – PHX vs. DET, Game 3: 1.5
4/24/10 – NSH vs. CHI, Game 5: 1.3
4/25/10 – PHX vs. DET, Game 6: 1.3
5/1/10 – PHI vs. BOS, Game 1: 1.6
5/2/10 – MTL vs. PIT, Game 2: 1.6
5/16/10 – CHI vs. SJ, Game 1: 1.7
Average: 1.4

2009 Playoff Overnights
4/18/09 – NYR vs. WSH, Game 2: 1.0
4/19/09 – PIT vs. PHI, Game 3: 1.7
4/25/09 – PIT vs. PHI, Game 6: 1.2
4/26/09 – WSH vs. NYR, Game 6: 1.0
5/2/09 – PIT vs. WSH, Game 1: 1.4
5/3/09 – ANA vs. DET, Game 2: 1.3
5/17/10 – CHI vs. DET, Game 1: 2.0
5/24/10 – DET vs. CHI, Game 4: 1.5
Average: 1.3

4 Responses to BREAKING: NBC Draws 1.7 Rating For Blackhawks/Sharks, Down From 2009

  1. kevin says:

    Chicago/Philly Final would be a ratings bonanza…………

  2. james says:

    so much for the “PUT THE SHARKS ON NBC” battlecry from those who are always “tired of the penguins/wings/bruins/rangers/hawks”

    • nosferatu says:

      Considering the ratings were even with the Pens/Flyers Game 5 two years ago, I don’t necessarily see the logic of your argument. Not the best ratings, certainly, but respectable for a team unknown to the casual sports fan–up against healthy NBA competition and played at noon local time.

  3. Colton says:

    The Blackhawks made up for the Sharks being in the game. If it was Vancouver instead, you can lower the rating by 0.5.

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