REPORT: Probably Fake Conf. Final Schedule is Probably Fake

Come on guys, even the NHL’s not stupid enough to have two Game 6’s at the same time… are they?  Right, guys?  Anyway, just speculate upon this REPORT by RDS:

From reader Jeremy:

Canadiens series:
Game 1 – Sunday 7 pm
Game 2 – Tuesday 7 pm
Game 3 – Friday 7 pm
Game 4 – Sunday 3 pm (NBC)
Game 5 – Tuesday 7 pm
Game 6 – Wednesday 7 pm
Game 7 – Friday 7 pm

West Series:
Game 1 – Sunday 3 pm (NBC)
Game 2 – Tuesday 10 pm
Game 3 – Thursday 8 pm
Game 4 – Saturday 3 pm (NBC)
Game 5 – Monday 10 pm
Game 6 – Wednesday 8 pm
Game 7 – Saturday 8 pm

Also, I don’t by the idea that the NHL would schedule 10PM games in the Conf. Finals.  They’ll likely be moved to 9PM.  Some of this is likely true, but I’m waiting on the NHL to flat out deny this.  It’s really just here for speculation.


11 Responses to REPORT: Probably Fake Conf. Final Schedule is Probably Fake

  1. jkrdevil says:

    Versus has exclusive rights to all the games in the US for this round (minus the NBC games) so 2 games won’t be on at the same time.

  2. Will says:

    Habs/Pens game seven had 4.2 million viewers on CBC. Huge number for HNIC. (Likely a record but i’m not sure)
    – Tweeted by CBC Sports Reporter Tom Harrington

    RDS also reports 2.4 million viewers; a record for the station.

    Thats approximately 6.6 million viewers nationwide. Incredible!

  3. Josh says:

    One of the things I don’t understand about this is why, if it’s not going to be on NBC anyway, the NHL would schedule the last three games of the Montreal series for Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday. If there’s no interest from NBC in airing a possible game 7, why not get rid of the back-to-back games and go Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, setting up a possible Saturday night bonanza for CBC? That could be a carrot for the NHL to hold out, to appease Canadians (assuming there’s any truth to this schedule): no, we’re not giving you a guaranteed Saturday night game, but if the Habs’ series goes seven, you get one.

    And it would mesh fine with the west series, if they just tweak the last three games to be the natural Monday/Wednesday/Friday setup.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I agree that it doesn’t make much sense the way the NHL did it (if, in fact, RDS is correct) – both in terms of the back-to-back games and having two games air at the same time.

    However, it is worth noting that both games 2 and 6 of the West Final are not on the RDS broadcast schedule – meaning that there would be some sort of overlap with the Canadiens series for these two gams.

  5. Gumper says:

    If it is true it is a stupid schedule — back to back games for the Habs. But my guess is that they are doing it to appease NBC who probably dictated what they want and when. As far as the game time, perhaps it has to do with the building schedule. Or it may have to do with ensuring that the SJC fans can get there. Consider that they have to work during the day and then rush to get to the game.

  6. PJ says:

    That Western Conference schedule fits with the dates listed at HP Pavilion and the United Center.

  7. Hockey Joe says:

    Actually this sked is probably fake, esp with the West Final, because the HP Pavilion is AGAIN booked on Tuesday 5/18, with some Spanish singer…so Hawks/Sharks Game 2 is most likely Wed 5/19, unless the NHL wants to do back-to-back Games 1/2 on Sun and Mon since they’ve will have a ton of time off. Kinda curious why the Sharks would let HP Pavilion be booked with concerts during this time-span, unless they figured that the team would yet again not make it to the 3rd Round.

  8. Jeremy says:

    From WGN and the Chicago Tribune –

    “The Blackhawks will have more than just a passing interest in Friday night’s Eastern Conference semifinals Game 7 between the Bruins and Flyers.

    The schedule for the Hawks’ Western Conference finals series against the Sharks will be determined based on the outcome of the game in Boston. Only Sunday’s Game 1 at HP Pavilion has been revealed thus far with a 2 p.m. Central start.

    According to a source, Game 2 will be Tuesday night in San Jose no matter who wins Game 7 in the East. If the Bruins win Friday night, the Hawks and Sharks will play their Game 3 next Thursday night at the United Center and Game 4 the afternoon of Saturday, May 22.

    If the Flyers prevail, the Hawks and Sharks will face off in Game 3 next Friday and Game 4 on Sunday, May 23 in the afternoon.”

  9. Jeremy says:

    So it looks like the RDS schedule assumes a Bruins victory over the Flyers.

  10. Hockey Joe says:

    Oops, I was wrong on the 3rd concert conflict at HP; someone gave me the wrong date, not 5/18 but 5/28 instead. Still, a lot of events at HP Pavilion.

  11. Jeremy says:

    The conflicts appear to be a Celtics playoff game in Boston on Monday the 24th and a stand-up comedy show at the Bell Centre on Thursday the 27th – thereby forcing back-to-back games on the Tuesday and Wednesday if it’s Montreal-Boston but allowing a day off if it’s Montreal-Philly.

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