Hawks Score in Last CSN Telecast of The Year

From Phil Rosenthal:

Moving on to a conference final match-up against the San Jose Sharks, the Chicago Blackhawks leave behind more than just Vancouver. Tuesday’s Game 6 second-round playoff victory also takes them away from Comcast SportsNet Chicago, which has enjoyed an unprecedented surge in hockey-fueled viewership.

Tuesday’s 5-1 clincher against the Canucks was the Hawks’ second-highest rated game ever on the team’s cable home, which is partly owned by the Blackhawks, Cubs, Sox and Bulls. It averaged a 9.93 household rating, which translates to roughly 347,600 homes, surpassed only by the 10.14 household rating for Game 3 of the Hawks-Canucks series six nights earlier.
More impressive, perhaps, is the fact that the Blackhawks’ last five games on CSN, dating back to the first-round clincher against Nashville on April 26, now account for the five most-watched programs in the channel’s 5 1/2 year history, ahead of anything featuring the Cubs, White Sox or Bulls.

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