Flyers Draw 10.1 on CSN For Game 6

PHILADELPHIA- (May 13, 2010) – Last night’s Flyers-Bruins contest on Comcast SportsNet delivered the largest-ever Flyers audience for the network. This breaks the previous high, set on May 9, 2000 when with Brian Boucher in goal, the Flyers defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game Six to move on to the Eastern Conference Finals. Last night’s defeat of the Bruins, to force a Game 7, averaged a 10.1 rating (300,000 households) and peaked at a 14 rating (417,000 HHs) at 10:30 p.m.

Last night’s record-setting rating bumps up the Flyers 2010 playoff average on Comcast SportsNet to a 6.3 rating (187,000 HHs) a  186% increase over the regular season average rating of 2.2.

Flyers Postgame Live also scored a 4.2 rating (125,000 HHs), increasing the playoff average to a 2.2 rating (65,000 households), a 100% increase over the regular season rating of 1.1.


4 Responses to Flyers Draw 10.1 on CSN For Game 6

  1. kevin says:

    I thought Philly was a hockey town until last night. That pregame act with some middle aged Flyer hack Celine Dion wannabe and Kate Smith singing God Bless America is totally lame. Are they still clinging to the Broad Street Bullies mythology to maintain some level of interest……?

  2. Ben says:

    Kevin, for what it’s worth, that “middle aged Flyer hack Celine Dion wannabe” doing a duet with Kate Smith was Lauren Hart, the daughter of late Hall of Fame broadcaster Gene Hart. They’ve been replaying that video of Kate Smith for years now for games they deem to be important. For the other games, it’s just Lauren Hart singing. It’s just something they do. To the Flyers organization, it still holds significance. To all of Philadelphia, it still holds significance. The Philadelphia Daily News just a week or two ago did a survey and Kate Smith singing God Bless America was voted as the #1 Philadelphia “sports tradition” (source: ). Take from that what you want, but if anything, I think a lot of people in Philadelphia wish the Flyers would be decoupled from that “Broad Street Bullies” image rather than try and keep the 70s and the modern era glued together.

  3. Jim says:

    Lauren Hart (daughter of Flyers announcing great Gene) has been singing the anthem for years you idiot and she is the only one that sings at the Flyers games unless she is sick. The Kate Smith thing is getting annoying but don’t knock on the top anthem singer and hockey and possibly of all sports.

  4. jj says:

    Philly is a great hockey town. great fans and a amazing youth hockey program in south jersey and Philadelphia suburbs. Lauren Hart is a great singer and is liked by most all fans.

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