REPORT: NBC Will Air Western Conference Final Game 1 or 2 on Sunday

From James O’Brien of the NBC-backed Pro Hockey Talk:

Whether the Boston-Philadelphia series goes to a Game 7 or not, NBC will cover a San Jose-Chicago game in San Jose on Sunday, May 16 at 3 PM ET. Word is that it will be a Game 1 if the Flyers win or a Game 2 if the Bruins close it out tonight.

This should quell most of the rumors about Montreal getting the NBC Game 1.  We’ll all see, though.


10 Responses to REPORT: NBC Will Air Western Conference Final Game 1 or 2 on Sunday

  1. Robert says:

    Just like I said in your “When will the conference finals start” blog, RDS showed at the end of the Habs winning the series over Pittsburgh that game 1 of Montreal vs. Boston or Philly will be FRIDAY IF the Bruins had won or SUNDAY if the Flyers hang on to force a game 7.

    Now that there will be a game 7 Friday, the eastern conference could possibly start Sunday EVENING. That would be a great Sunday double header and would also ensure game 4 on Saturday for HNIC.

    • nosferatu says:

      I believe NBC has games scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday afternoon next weekend; considering these would likely be Games 4 and 5 of the series, with travel involved no way they can do both games of San Jose-Chicago, so I’m thinking Saturday would be more like Hockey Afternoon in Canada.

  2. Rindu Muncie says:

    Of course it takes:

    1.) the playoffs

    2.) the Western Conference Finals


    3.) Chicago Blackhawks involved

    to finally see the San Jose Sharks end up on NBC. With a noon local time home start. Sharks suck in day playoff games, sunday playoff games, and on national broadcast TV (Although it’s a been a while). But so far they’ve broken some curses, so maybe this is the year they break those curses too.

  3. A Moose says:

    I checked the NHL on NBC section of They’ve already got listed Hawks at the Sharks at 3pm Eastern Sunday.

  4. kevin says:

    Why are S.J. fans always whining……you would think they would want to hide their choking team from the rest of the hockey world

  5. Chris S says: says the Eastern Conference Final is a 7pm ET start on Sunday night:

  6. Jeremy says:

    RDS has the third-round broadcast schedule posted:

    Canadiens series:
    Game 1 – Sunday 7 pm
    Game 2 – Tuesday 7 pm
    Game 3 – Friday 7 pm
    Game 4 – Sunday 3 pm (NBC)
    Game 5 – Tuesday 7 pm
    Game 6 – Wednesday 7 pm
    Game 7 – Friday 7 pm

    West Series:
    Game 1 – Sunday 3 pm (NBC)
    Game 2 – Tuesday 10 pm
    Game 3 – Thursday 8 pm
    Game 4 – Saturday 3 pm (NBC)
    Game 5 – Monday 10 pm
    Game 6 – Wednesday 8 pm
    Game 7 – Saturday 8 pm

    • Chris S says:

      Game 3 in Montreal on NBC Sunday afternoon? That is absolute BS! Should be Thursday, Saturday for Games 3 & 4. Un-freaking-believable!

      • nosferatu says:

        I’m also hoping RDS is wrong because I don’t want to have two Game 6s in the conference finals overlapping. If they assume that’s not going to happen, that one series will be over in 5, you know just what WILL happen.

    • canadiansportsfan says:

      I get the feeling that they are right up until game 5 of the Montreal series and game 6 of the west series. The rest would make more sense if

      Thursday 5/27 – East Game #6 (7:00pm)
      Friday 5/28 – West Game #7 (10:00pm)
      Saturday 5/29 – East Game #7 (7:00pm)

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