The Bob Cole Debate Goes On

From Chris Zelkovich at The Star:

For a guy who comes across as fairly mild-mannered, Bob Cole sure provokes some strong reactions.

After I wrote Friday about CBC Sports head Scott Moore’s praise for the long-time hockey play-by-play announcer and plans to bring him back next year, several readers expressed their belief that praise for Cole was long overdue.

One called his work “magic.”

On the other hand, several wondered if Moore was either deaf, blind or suffering from some cognitive disorder to claim that Cole had “added value” to CBC’s playoff coverage.

5 Responses to The Bob Cole Debate Goes On

  1. Josh says:

    Bob Cole just now: “Scores! No! It hit the post!”

    Happens too often. I like the guy, but he just can’t keep up with the game anymore.

  2. leafsfan1967 says:

    Hey we all make mistakes. Before we kick Mr. Cole too much just be thankful Canadians don’t have to listen to Joe Benihaha exclusivly on Versus…

    • Josh says:

      We all make mistakes, sure, but a better comparison to make is that of all of the play-by-play guys CBC used during the Olympics (and throw the two TSN guys in there for good measure), none of them make as many mistakes as Bob Cole.

  3. Gumper says:

    If you have to listen to the US broadcast, you’d appreciate Bob Cole more. One thing you all miss when talking about Cole is the enthusiasm he brings to the game. Personally I could care less if he misses a few points. But he also offers good insight into the game as well. I agree with leafsfan.

    As I said before, if you want to whine about Bob Cole, I suggest come here to the US and listen to the Versus coverage.

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