TSN Draws Predictably Ridiculous Numbers For Caps/Habs Game 7

From Habs Inside Out:

TSN reports record ratings:

Last night’s dramatic Game 7 victory by the Montreal Canadiens over the Washington Capitals was watched by an average audience of 4.7 million viewers on TSN and RDS combined according to overnight data from BBM Canada. Audience levels peaked at 8.2 million viewers (TSN and RDS combined) in the final minutes of the third period as Montreal held on to upset Washington and win the series.

TSN’s audience of 2.8 million for the game was the highest audience ever recorded for an NHL game on TSN and was the most-watched program on Canadian television last night in all key advertising demographics. The Montreal-Washington series ranks as the most-watched playoff series ever on TSN (any rounds) with an average audience of 1.8 million viewers over seven games.

RDS’ audience of 1.9 million represents an impressive 51% share of the Quebec-Franco market and was the top-ranked French network in all key advertising demographics. RDS’ average for the Montreal-Washington series was 1.34 million over seven games – 12% higher compared to Canadiens playoff games on RDS last season.

TSN’s average audience for each of its first round playoff series is as follows:

Montreal-Washington (7 games on TSN) – 1.8 million

Detroit-Phoenix (7 games on TSN) – 811,000

Chicago-Nashville (5 games on TSN) – 777,000

New Jersey-Philadelphia (4 games on TSN) – 545,000


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