In “Here We Go Again News”: NBC Revives Antique Policy That Still Probably Works

From the Pens website:

Penguins fans will be able to watch Game 1 tonight and most of the remainder of the Penguins-Canadiens playoff series on the outdoor screen in front of Mellon Arena.

However, the Penguins are not permitted to show Game 2 on the outdoor screen Sunday afternoon in accordance with league broadcasting rights.

We all know “league broadcasting rights” means NBC.  However, this worked last year as Pens fans stayed home or in bars and watched in droves.  We shall all see how it works this year.


4 Responses to In “Here We Go Again News”: NBC Revives Antique Policy That Still Probably Works

  1. Chris says:

    “However, this worked last year as Pens fans stayed home or in bars and watched in droves.”

    Honestly, what’s the ratings difference between watching in a bar and watching the big screen? You’re still not at home and watching it in a big group.

  2. How big do you (and NBC) think Mellon Arena’s front lawn really is? There might be 1 or 2 metered Nielsen households in the largest outdoor screen crowd. That’s too statistically insignificant to be a valid reason for NBC to turn off Mario’s TV.

    Seth at Empty Netters has a better theory: NBC doesn’t want NHL games to be used as a precedent for Sunday Night Football. (

    NBC is on my list for more than just Mario’s TV this Sunday. The Pittsburgh Marathon is Sunday morning, and roads near Mellon Arena will still be closed as late as 1:30 PM, which will be 1/2 hour AFTER the gates open (unless the Penguins open earlier, as they’ve done occasionally). To make matters worse, marathon organizers have been recommending Bigelow Blvd., which runs right by the Igloo, as the preferred detour for East End traffic affected by the marathon route. The date and route for the marathon have been set for months. How can they possibly react to this game in 4 days?

    Just bumping the start time back to 3:00 PM would probably be enough to alleviate the traffic nightmare to come. I really hope CBC or RDS have a 5:00 event important enough to justify the 2:00 time for this game, because NBC has “World of Adventure Sports” at 5:00, and there ain’t no way in hell that’s worth this oncoming shitstorm.

    • Josh says:

      CBC has “The Land Before Time” so, no, nothing they couldn’t have bumped back, and at RDS, nothing is more important than the Habs. They would’ve rather seen this game at night, but I gotta think 2 or 3pm really doesn’t make that big a difference to them either way.

      Does NBC have anything good on before the hockey game, that they might think could retain some audience?

    • canadiansportsfan says:

      I think NBC was airing the hockey game at 2:00 in case it went to OT, so it would be less likely to run into news at 6.

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