Canadian Weekend Hockey Audiences

From William Houston:

For Game 6, in the CBC’s traditional Saturday 7 p.m. ET time slot, an audience of almost three million watched Pittsburgh’s series clincher – 2.948 million.

TSN, meanwhile, saw it’s Habs-Caps numbers drop after drawing its strong 2.1 million for Game 2.

Game 3 drew only 1.25 million and Game 4 1.42 million.

The audience for Game 5 on Friday, won by Montreal, jumped to 1.629 million. But, for comparative purposes, it was well below the CBC’s 2.117 for Game 5 of the Ottawa-Pittsburgh series.

The CBC, as broadcast network, reaches more households than TSN – about 13 million to nine million – but traditionally the Canadiens outdraw the Senators nationally.

Friday, Boston-Buffalo, CBC, 593,000.

Friday, Detroit-Phoenix, TSN, 521,000.

Friday, Los Angeles-Vancouver, CBC, 1.953 million.

Saturday, Nashville-Chicago, TSN, 747,000

Saturday, San Jose-Colorado, CBC, 1.359 million.

Sunday, Phoenix-Detroit, TSN, 715,000.

Sunday, Vancouver-Los Angeles, CBC, 2.826 million.


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