NBC Affiliates Cut Hockey This Weekend Due to Tornados, Soccer

Sometimes there have been weird happenings around the world that have caused hockey to take a backseat.  The Pope’s visit to Yankee Stadium last year caused a playoff game to be shown on a hard-to-find channel in my neck of the woods.  Telethons, college hoops, baseball and other various things in various markets have caused hockey to find somewhere else to play.

Well, there were two examples of that this weekend.  First was a serious matter, as tornados ravaged the American Southeast over the weekend, coverage of the storms in many markets, including Washington and Nashville, a team playing in one of the games, pre-empted hockey for various lengths of time.  I was told that NBC in Nashville missed over 10+ minutes of coverage, including the Predators’ 4th goal in the game.

The other example this weekend is a little less… important seeming.  From reader Greg:

…for a previously scheduled Sounders soccer game. After the game ended, they joined the NBC broadcast in progress during the 2nd intermission.

In the past they have run NBC’s weeknight prime-time coverage of the Stanley Cup on sister station KONG 16, but for some reason this didn’t happen today.

Just an FYI since you are the specialist on this stuff …. AFAIK they have run all the NBC games this season live and in their regular dial position.

Greg’s right, NBC Seattle often just out and out places Stanley Cup Final games on another station in the market and airs local news coverage instead of hockey.  This is stupid.  I get that airing a local team is more important than a playoff hockey game, but find that other channel and place the important Game 6 somewhere in a market close to Vancouver, which is an NHL market.  What’s your take, readers?

8 Responses to NBC Affiliates Cut Hockey This Weekend Due to Tornados, Soccer

  1. nyrmetros says:

    What are the ratings for the MLS Sounders in Seattle? I know they sellout every game and lead the league in attendance.

  2. kevin says:

    If there’s a tornado headed my way I’m not watching the game anyway…or anything else.

  3. kevin says:

    Actually, bad weather is good for ratings. If its 80 degrees and sunny in Nashville in April you probably aren’t inside watching TV. If its raining all day you probably are…….

  4. Rhett says:

    As I live in Seattle, I was among those fans which had to endure this blackout of the Red Wings-Coyotes game and was surprised, like many of you, that they didn’t move the game to KONG, or their Universal Sports 5.2 OTA channel for that matter. Maybe they thought the game would be on CBC (which it wasn’t; they were also airing the Sounders-TFC game). Ended up having to listen to the Phoenix radio feed through NHL.com as a result.

    About the midweek Cup Final games, KING moves these to KONG for ratings alone – they don’t want to pre-empt their news, and KING’s evening news broadcasts have been tops in this market ratings wise for years and that is not likely to change anytime soon.

    That all said, it might be worth giving KING’s general manager a call, Steve, and asking for an explanation of why they did what they did with respect to the hockey game.

  5. Chris S says:

    Yes. I get the Seattle NBC affiliate on my satellite package in Canada, and every once in a while I’ll tune in to see if they’re showing the game, and I’d say half of the time, they are not.

  6. Josh says:

    I don’t think Vancouver factors into the equation. People in Vancouver can watch every single playoff game on either CBC or TSN. And even when people in Canada have the choice between TSN and NBC (or CBC and NBC), I suspect most of them pick the Canadian channel. The broadcasters are the same, but the studio show is vastly superior.

  7. Mike in Idaho says:

    I lived in Seattle for awhile and KING has a gigantic ego about themselves, as I recall they regularly screw with other NBC programming too. Not to mention that Seattle is for the most part unaware that hockey exists.

  8. Sean says:

    I don’t really see the big deal here…sports get pre-empted all the time.

    I live in Connecticut and my local CBS station pre-empted Alabama’s game with Auburn the day after Thanksgiving for Oprah and local news. The game was on the MyNetwork TV affliate. I have no idea why they did that, since the game did like 5.0 rating, but networks do that all the time. It’s not an NBC thing or a hockey thing…it’s a local network thing. I would say only the NFL would never be pre-empted.

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