NHL Preps For Re-negotiation of TV Deals

From Etan Viessing of the Hollywood Reporter:

A modest rebound in U.S. TV ratings has the National Hockey League grooming Madison Avenue to help goose current TV deals with NBC and Versus, which are up for renegotiation next year.

John Collins, COO of the NHL, said the league is expanding its digital media strategy and big event programming lineup to make pro hockey more appealing to advertisers.

The hope is that off-ice buzz from fans will help the league’s cause with NBC and Versus during TV contract talks after June, 2011.

“Part of what we’re trying to do is create path for corporate marketers to activate against an attractive and growing demo: the NHL fan,” Collins said after the 92nd regular season wrapped and the Stanley Cup playoff rounds got underway.

Every time I hear John Collins’ name brought up, I’m always told about how he knows what he’s doing and that he’ll get the NHL what it needs when it comes to television.  We shall see what happens and how true that is.


5 Responses to NHL Preps For Re-negotiation of TV Deals

  1. Xavier Dean says:

    I’d be just as interested to see what they do with their own network for the coming year. It seems to be on the back burner most of the time when they discuss tv deals in the US.

  2. Patrick says:

    NBA, MLB and NASCAR drew 3x as much viewers and ratings this Saturday. It is what it is. NHL says there are 53 million fans….where are they? LOL it can’t be good for TV negotiations. Perhaps a 3yr deal with NBC with NBC getting a 70/30 split from ad revenue. Versus pays more but will get games on every night. Per gm deal will be cheaper for Versus in the end.

    I agree about NHL Network. They treat it like crap. Nothing worth watching. Last year a studio from the early 2000’s perhaps they can dump the early 90’s ESPN (TSN) graphics and buy some cool HD graphics. A pregrame show every night and a cooler studio…American US on air talent. Also a NHL / NFL total access show would be nice. If they think Canada partners will make it better…get real. NHL Net Ca has to make over 50% Canadian content. Plus why would they want to take viewers away from TSN. NHL NET US needs to step up……wont happen though. I dont believe in Mr. Collins or Bettman. Broken promise about the NHL net coming after lock out…took almost 3yrs….and the NHL Network is not worth my dollars.

  3. Dave Sullivan says:

    All in all, I like NBC and Versus in game. I don’t like that Versus has little other sports programming. What we really need is someone to challenge the ESPN hegemony. Maybe it ends up being Turner. With arguably the best NBA coverage, the baseball postseason, and soon March Madness, they’ve certainly got the most impressive lineup this side of ESPN. But back to hockey, I’m really miffed about this Stanley Cup scheduling nonsense. Back to back games? What is this, the Calder Cup? I could live with it last year, since NBC had a new Tonight Show to debut. But what could be their excuse this year? The players take such a beating over the course of the playoffs – in addition to the beating they take during the regular season – that they need days off whenever they can get them. I wish they’d just go back to the old format and begin their coverage with game three.

  4. Ian Kidd says:

    I’m amazed that the league has allowed TSN to attach the NHL name to a substandard product like the NHL Network.

  5. Mike in Idaho says:

    A lot of hate for the NHL Network here, I think they do a good job except for their not being in HD (and at least the games they show are in HD). Wish they would do some playoff games this year.

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