BREAKING: NHL on NBC Does Pretty Solid Business This Weekend

NBC Sports told Puck the Media that the two broadcasts on NBC managed the same average rating this weekend, with one game up and one down, while overall both telecasts were respectable for NHL numbers.

The Saturday telecast of Boston/Buffalo drew a 1.2 overnight rating.  This is up (if my math is correct) 20% from last year’s NY Rangers/Washington telecast, which drew a 1.0 rating.  The game drew a 20.7 rating in the Buffalo market, in case you were wondering if that market wouldn’t be back in a big way.  The game also did a 5.3 local rating in Boston.

The Sunday broadcast of Phoenix/Detroit drew a 1.5 overnight rating, the highest of any indoor NHL game this season.  While this is down (again, fingers crossed with my math) 12% from last year’s Pittsburgh/Philadelphia telecast, which drew a 1.7 rating.  The game drew a 13.4 in Detroit, and a 5.3 in Phoenix.  That’s right, kids, Phoenix and Boston drew the same local rating for hockey this weekend.

Still, the fact that a game featuring the Phoenix Coyotes drew the NHL’s highest non-Winter Classic rating this season is very impressive.  Thanks to NBC Sports for the numbers.

6 Responses to BREAKING: NHL on NBC Does Pretty Solid Business This Weekend

  1. Eric says:

    Sorry about your math. Percentage changes are change/original, so it is a 20% increase on Saturday. (it would be 17% decrease if it has gone down from 1.2 to 1.0)

    The 12% decrease is correct.

  2. Sean says:

    Any word on Versus numbers? I still feel like Caps/Canadiens should’ve been the pick for NBC on Saturday since Washington is totally hockey crazy right now and Ovechkin is a bigger star than Ryan Miller, no matter how many times NBC says “Olympic hero.”

    I still don’t think Boston cares about hockey, especially with the Celtics in the playoffs and the Red Sox season starting. The Bruins are always #3 in that market unless it’s the conference finals.

    • Chris S says:

      There was no way the Habs, or TSN/RDS would have allowed an afternoon game, it would have really eaten away at their ratings, plus NBC would lose 1/2 it’s local audience. It only made perfect sense for Saturday night on VS, since you’d probably only be getting the die-hards watching that game anyways. The only way the Habs will be shown on NBC again is if it’s a Stanley Cup final game.

  3. kevin says:

    The 5.3 in Boston is more than double what they usually do for games during the regular season. So 5.3 is not bad but with a good season Boston would be in double digits which is where they were during last years playoffs. The Bruins have been awful this season and that affects ratings big time. Phoenix has had a great season. That explains their ratings. The only way to explain Buffalo’s number is that it is a one horse town…no baseball…the Sabres will always do great ratings compared to other cities

  4. Patrick says:

    still the NBA, MLB and NASCAR drew 3x as much viewers and ratings. It is what it is. NHL says there are 53 million fans….where are they?

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