NBC’s Playoff Commercial Has Extreme Amounts of Fail

NBC has two hockey games to promote to you this weekend.  One of them is Game #3 of the Detroit-Phoenix series.  The other is Game #2 of the Boston-Buffalo series.  The Boston-Buffalo series features superstar/Team USA goaltender Ryan Miller.  He is undoubtedly the series biggest “name” guy, and naturally as NBC televised the entire Olympic tournament, the name you go to promote.

So, in their promo, currently airing on the NHL Network and in my dreams (hopefully someone can get it on YouTube?  Help me please) they show Miller making a save, while using the following approximated call made by NBC play-by-play man Mike “Doc” Emrick:

“What a save made by Hiller!”

That’s right.  They used an audio clip of a save being made by Jonas Hiller, the Anaheim Ducks goaltender who play for Team Switzerland at the Olympics, but is not playing in the post-season.  I am not crazy, nor did I hear it wrong, as I rewound my DVR many, many times.  The voice of Emrick says Hiller, not Miller.

This is a crazy stupid mistake by NBC.  I take editing courses at school, and you always make sure to get the promo correct even when you’re doing something that will never air on real television! This is on NBC!  The network of Tom Brokaw and Seinfeld and… other things.  You have a reputations slowly being destroyed piece by piece, and yet you keep giving us things to make fun of!

If I heard this wrong a total of 20 times, I will profusely apologize.  But if I’m not, then well… this was a massive fail by NBC.  Someone please send me a YouTube version of this.  Please.


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