Rangers-Flyers Finale Did Fantastic Locally. So… You Live With That, NBC

Two links here today.  First from SNY’s Rangers blog:

According to Neil Best of Newsday, the ratings for Sunday’s regular season ending loss for the Rangers in Philadelphia was watched by 2.72% of area homes.

Best says that the number peaked at 4.48% during the overtime and shootout that determined the Rangers season.

That’s extremely good.  It’s close to 300,000 households watching on average, and more than 400,000 watching the OT and shootout.

Meanwhile, this info comes from CSN Philadelphia:

Yesterday’s game, pitting the Flyers against the Rangers for a playoff spot, delivered a 3.6 rating (107,000 Households) making it the most-watched regular season Flyers game on Comcast SportsNet since the Flyers defeated the Buffalo Sabres on October 22, 2002. That game delivered a 3.7 rating. The Flyers-Rangers game peaked at a 5.9 rating (176,000 HHs) at 5:30 p.m. Fans also tuned in after the game, with Flyers Postgame Live delivering a 2.2 rating (65,000 HHs).

So, there’s around 400,000 people watching the game, and close to 600,000 just with local markets.  I’m not often an advocate of Rangers-Flyers games getting national play, but NBC blundered here.

4 Responses to Rangers-Flyers Finale Did Fantastic Locally. So… You Live With That, NBC

  1. kevin says:

    I usually don’t like to pile on the NHL with alot of the dumb stuff they do but this was ridiculous. 90% of the time the last weekend of the season is meaningless so I wouldn’t even bother to put a game on NBC. But this year they had a big game between two major markets and they didn’t even bother to televise it? How about waiting until the last week to decide which game is most important next time….

  2. Chris S says:

    Can’t agree more. NBC made a terrible choice with their last regular season game.

  3. Chris says:

    NBC could of gotten upwards of a 1.5

    a 1.3 likely

    instead blew that.

    NHL fans knew what was at stake.

  4. Dave Sullivan says:

    Doesn’t NBC have to ‘flex’ the game two weeks in advance? Sounds to me like they guessed the Bruins-Capitals would be a better match.

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