VERSUS’ Big Playoff Get: No More Complete Blackouts, Alternate Games Will Be Televised in Markets That Have Local Exclusivity

From Mike Reynolds of Multichannel:

Now, Davis believes Versus, which bolstered its roster by adding 16 non-exclusive games as the regular-season wound down as a means to super-serve NHL fans, is poised for another strong Nielsen run, when the NHL playoffs face-off on April 14.

At a minimum, Versus will televise 50 postseason games, depending on how the series break. The first round is non-exclusive, with Versus picking up two contests exclusively in each of the series during the second round. Then, full exclusivity skates in during the conference finals, before the network again televises Games 3 and 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals, which averaged 3.2 million viewers in 2009, the most for the championship round on cable since 2002.

A key playoff addition: During the non-exclusive first- and second-round games, Versus will transmit other NHL postseason games into the blacked-out home markets of the participating clubs. Previously, it aired alternative programming in those windows in the local markets. According to Davis, this will provide more in-depth coverage overall and give fans a chance to see who their favorite club could meet in the next round, or afford them a better viewing option if the local game is a blowout.

“This was our first priority after last season. There was a lot of capital investment to ensure the back-up feeds and technology for this expanded playoff suite,” said David, whose not “sure what the Nielsen implications will be. I do know, it’s another way we’re super-serving hockey fans.”


2 Responses to VERSUS’ Big Playoff Get: No More Complete Blackouts, Alternate Games Will Be Televised in Markets That Have Local Exclusivity

  1. Patrick says:

    delete mine or other comments….but Versus better no black me out from AVS game or bettman and Davis can kiss my ……..because ill be dropping nhl ci – xmradio for nhl home ice…..and cancelling my nhl network/versus subscription….dont screw us over because versus doesnt hav a second feed to air games. they shouldnt be buyin rights to games and messin this up like last year when i missed blackhawks games….bettman can sing versus/davis praises….but i wont be if they i miss the game….

  2. nosferatu says:

    Center Ice schedule is up now…Games 1 and 2 of the SJ-COL series are on Center Ice. Games 3, 4, and 5 are not. We’ll be lucky to see one entire game (60 minutes) on Versus from those three games combined.

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