Wings/Flyers Local Ratings

Little late on these, but the Sunday afternoon Detroit-Philadelphia telecast drew an 5.6/15 average rating in the Detroit market, with an average of 106,000 households tuning in.  NBC also drew a 3.2/9 average rating in the Philadelphia market, with an average of 95,000 households tuning in.  The game peaked in Detroit from 2:30-2:45 PM ET with a 6.5/17 rating and 123,000 households, whereas the game peaked in Philly from 2:45-3:00 PM ET with a 4.2/13 rating and 124,000 households.

The 5.6 for Detroit is down from previous NBC telecasts in the market.  The March 7th game vs. the Blackhawks drew a 5.9, while the January 31st game vs. the Penguins hit a 7.8.  It’s also not too far above the 4.7 the Pittsburgh-Detroit game on VERSUS a couple of weeks ago drew in the city.  As far as Philly goes, the game is obviously down from the only other telecast I have on record, the Winter Classic, which hit a 6.0 rating in the market.

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