Broadcast News: All the West Spots Clinched and a Minor East Change

Hey, I can actually use the segment I intentioned today!


#8 Boston vs. #1 Washington
#7 Philadelphia vs. #2 New Jersey
#6 Montreal vs. #3 Buffalo
#5 Ottawa vs. #4 Pittsburgh


#8 Colorado vs. #1 San Jose
#7 Detroit vs. #2 Chicago
#6 Los Angeles vs. #3 Vancouver
#5 Nashville vs. #4 Phoenix

Canadian Networks Draft

#1 (CBC): Los Angeles-Vancouver
#2 (CBC): Ottawa-Pittsburgh
#3 (TSN): Montreal-Buffalo
#4 (CBC): Colorado-San Jose
#5 (TSN): Boston-Washington
#6 (CBC): Philadelphia-New Jersey
#7-8 (TSN): Detroit-Chicago and Nashville-Phoenix

I still think CBC’d prefer Crosby vs. a Canadian team rather than go with the Habs.  You can debate this in the comments all you want, but it’s still my contention.  Perhaps CBC will prove me wrong, perhaps not.  I also think CBC takes Colorado-San Jose first out of all the American series because it gives them two nights of doubleheaders.  They take Philly-Jersey over a Detroit-Chicago series because they can put all those games at 7PM, whereas a Chicago-Detroit show would need games played at 8PM.  I imagine they go Philly/Jersey and Vancouver/LA one night, with Pittsburgh/Ottawa and Colorado/SJ.

NBC: Boston/Washington and Detroit/Chicago.  No substitutes.  Unless those series end quickly, then New Jersey/Philly and Colorado/San Jose would be.

VERSUS: Devils/Flyers and Bruins/Caps in the early slot, with Pittsburgh/Ottawa and some Detroit based games of Red Wings/Blackhawks getting in too.  Colorado/San Jose would likely be the VERSUS-produced late game, with LA/Vancouver getting the simulcast treatment.

Available VERSUS announcers:

Play by Play
1. John Forslund
2. Rick Peckham
3. John Ahlers

1. Daryl Reaugh
2. Darren Eliot
3. Joe Micheletti

1. Charissa Thompson
2. Bob Harwood
3. Lindsay Soto


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8 Responses to Broadcast News: All the West Spots Clinched and a Minor East Change

  1. leafsfan1967 says:

    Steve, there’s no way that the CBC won’t take the Habs. They will take the Habs and Vancouver. TSN will get the Sens. They will do this based on what they think will draw the best ratings.

  2. Josh says:

    Yup Steve, you’re wrong wrong wrong about this one. When was the last time CBC went national with the Sens versus any American opponent when they had another option? It doesn’t matter how crucial the game is for the Sens, or how irrelevant the Leafs or Habs are, CBC will always opt to go national with Toronto or Montreal over Ottawa given the choice.

    The nice thing about it is that according to all those playoff odds sites, it’s almost a certainty the Sens and Pens WILL meet in the first round, so, assuming Montreal hangs onto its spot, we will find out whether the blogger or his commenters are right about this in the end. 😉

  3. Robert says:

    Josh, there is still a very good chance that Ottawa and New Jersey will play each other in round 1. The Devils and Penguins are only two points apart.

    Steve, leafs196 is right, the CBC will take the Canadiens over the Senators. The Habs could finish 8th and play Washington and the CBC would take that over the Senators and Penguins.

  4. dyhrdmet says:

    in your available announcer pool, Versus could still get Joe Beninatti and Andy Brickley on their off days or on NBC days.

  5. leafsfan1967 says:

    dyhrdmet :in your available announcer pool, Versus could still get Joe Beninatti and Andy Brickley on their off days or on NBC days.

    Oh PLEASE not Joe Benihaha…. say it won’t happen pleaseeeeeee……..

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