Funny Enough, Gary Bettman Does Have Big Plans For Future NHL TV Deal

From David Shoalts of The Globe & Mail:

Through it all, the sources said, the pitch from Bettman was that all of the NHL’s U.S. television contracts are up in June, 2011. The current deals with Versus and NBC bring in about $75-million (U.S.) per year, combined. But, the sources said, prospective owners have been told the new contracts, presumably cashing in on the NHL’s exposure through the Olympics in part, could bring in more than double that, and when added with the money from the Canadian networks, there could be as much as $500-million for the league and its 30 teams to split up.


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9 Responses to Funny Enough, Gary Bettman Does Have Big Plans For Future NHL TV Deal

  1. Chris Wassel says:

    Gary really thinks this…no foolin?

  2. Colton says:

    They actually make about 90 million currently.

    This tells me that Gary Bettman and COO John Collins are currently working on getting a new deal and maybe even have new deals set in place. They’ve been talking to CBS, Fox, NBC, Versus and ESPN recently.

    The league is ALOT more marketable and prosperous now then they were after the lockout. They’ll be able to demand more money and more exposure. Especially if the playoffs get great ratings and ratings go up next season.

    The league already makes north of $650 million in local and national tv money. It would really help out their clubs if they can get another 100 million.

  3. Chris S says:

    I enjoyed FOX’s coverage but I’d like to see the NHL return to ABC/ESPN. TSN is partly owned by ESPN, so maybe once in a while they could do simulcasts of huge games using talent from both networks.

  4. leafsfan1967 says:

    I hope that Gary can get a better contract, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    When NBC are passing up playoff games and Versus was missing from millions of TV screens most of the season, it doesn’t make sense that he’s going to get more money out of TV.

  5. Mike in Idaho says:

    Gary continues living in a dream world, if a second team goes to Ontario, it should be one of the many floundering U.S. teams (Atlanta, Phoenix for instance) rather than a new one. The NHL has about 5 too many teams already, another one is completely unnecessary.

  6. leafsfan1967 says:

    >>> if a second team goes to Ontario….

    That is also a HUGE if…. Gary has got to get MLSE to agree to this which isn’t going to happen any time soon….

  7. Xavier Dean says:

    Networks are looking for ‘PVR proof’ content all the time, and sports is just that. ESPN has no interest in paying a fee for NHL because they can all kinds of sports content from other ‘minor’ sports (and yes hockey is still a ‘minor’ sport in the US when it comes to overall exposure) for nothing or even actually get paid to air it.

    That being said, CBS/FOX/NBC would have more of an appetite but not Mon-Fri and not in primetime. That means more Saturday and Sunday afternoon games. Yippee….

  8. Patrick says:

    Colton…put down the crack pipe. FOX has no interest in the NHL. Go to sportsmediawatch. There is an article about what Fox would be interested in…and it aint NHL. They would be interested in Golf and NBA. NBC drawing afternoon ratings from or below a 1.0 (.50 last weeks Bruins/Rangers) doesnt scream big tv contracts from any of the 4 major networks. The only way Douchebag Bettman gets more US dollars is when Versus re-ups for 80million a year, and some how convince ESPN2 (notice the 2) to pick a package of games around 65 million.

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