NHL Net Ignores the NCAA’s

With VERSUS showing bull riding, WEC, fishing and D-League basketball from Wednesday-Sunday most weeks, they completely shut the hockey department off for all of those days.  Knowing, the NHL Network becomes my only place to find out any and all hockey information for a good 80% of the week.  They’ve done a good job keeping me in tune with hockey that isn’t merely NHL, but World Juniors, Olympics, international hockey, OHL action and even made a place to show AHL scores every night.

However, as many of you know (and as this website pointed out) the NCAA Tournament regional semifinals and finals, the games that would determine who’d be playing in the Frozen Four, were played this weekend on ESPNU.  ESPNU did a pretty good job covering the games, and they kept viewers aptly informed on the games they did not.  The same cannot be said for the NHL Network.

NHL Net simulcast the barely elementary, in-house feeds of select college hockey games this season.  However, they did not feel that NCAA Hockey was important enough to be featured on the NHL Net’s bottom line during On the Fly, the channel’s signature show.  This wasn’t that annoying, as you can find out the scores anywhere on the internet (and even NHL.com had some coverage), but it’s still an oversight by a network that considers itself “The Home of Hockey”.  It was not if you cared how RIT was doing this weekend.

2 Responses to NHL Net Ignores the NCAA’s

  1. Ian Kidd says:

    Steve, I think the bigger oversight is that NHLN did not show highlights of the NCAA games in Friday, Saturday, or Sunday’s editions of On The Fly. There were only 3 NHL games on Friday and 6 NHL games on Sunday, so they had plenty of time.

  2. Xavier Dean says:

    guys it’s “NHL On The Fly”, not NCAA or AHL or KHL On The Fly for that matter. Plus they ditched the “Home of Hockey” thing a while back, at least it seems so because I don’t think I see that used anymore.

    I don’t watch it but does the NFL Network show college football highlights and scores?

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