Puck the Media’s Washington Capitals 10 Greatest Games Trivia Contest

Heads up Capitals fans, here’s your chance to win a copy of “Washington Capitals 10 Greatest Games” 10-DVD set!  Remember, it’s simple: Send me an e-mail with the correct answers to this trivia question, and this great DVD set is yours.  The question is as follows:

One of the games on this DVD set is the June 4, 1998 Game 6 between the Buffalo Sabres and Washington Capitals.  Joe Juneau scored the Overtime winner for the Capitals against the Sabres to bring Washington to it’s first Stanley Cup Final.  Tell me at what point (minutes and seconds) of OT Juneau scored, who assisted on the goal, and what Juneau was traded from Washington (to Buffalo) for the next season.

Complicated enough?  I hope not (Well, maybe a little…).  Anyway, be the first to e-mail me at SMLepore@comcast.net with the correct answers and the DVD is yours.  Do not leave the answer in the comments, it will not be accepted.  Thanks again to Warner Home Video for this.

UPDATE: We have a winner!  Congrats to Eric Schmitz!  Thank you for playing, and come back at 5PM for one more contest!


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