Checking Up on VERSUS With Less Than a Month to Go In the Season

It’s been a few weeks since VERSUS began broadcasting hockey again, so let’s take stock in what they’ve done.  There has been little to complain about from my point of view about what the network’s been up to the past little while.  They’ve been showing a lot of really good games and providing the studio content that every NHL fan believes they should be doing but fears they won’t get.  The improvements to the scoreboard graphics are fantastic.  The integration of website content and network stuff has been real good.

Some improvements?  How about fitting the rest of the graphics to go along with that fancy scoreboard?  A few more pre-game shows in the playoffs?  A nightly hockey show in the future?  Kind of just kidding about that one, but whatever.  How about showing a game of some importance on the final day of the season?  Just a few suggestions, but I’m mostly happy with what VERSUS is doing, and many more will discover this sentiment now that they have DirecTV.


2 Responses to Checking Up on VERSUS With Less Than a Month to Go In the Season

  1. Matt W. says:

    My only complaint of late is that I thought last night’s PIT/NJ game should have been on Versus or otherwise nationally televised, especially with the divisional implications and all the games Versus added to the post Olympic schedule.

  2. Mike in Idaho says:

    I would like to see them put their score graphic more at the top of the screen, there is too much space between the top of the screen and the graphic right now. I watched Bruins/Devils on Monday and the camerawork I thought was better than usual for Versus but the color seemed to be very low. Glad to see it at all on DirecTV though!

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