Announcing a New Segment: VERSUS Fouls

Now that we know a ton more people can check out VERSUS, I think it’s the appropriate time to start this new segment.  Ever seen the Jersey Fouls on Puck Daddy?  Well, welcome to VERSUS fouls.

Note the above image, which I originally put up a week ago.  Alexander Ovechkin is the Capital captain, hence… VERSUS Foul.  Or when Steven Stamkos’ picture was due to be up for a statistical graphic, they showed Steven Stamkos… VERSUS Foul.  Or when they put up a graphic last night of “OVECHKIN SUSPENSION: IS 2 GAMES ENOUGH”… VERSUS Foul.

Of course, these are objective, but feel free to send them in, they will be posted, no matter what.  It can be a misspelling, a bad graphic, or even just a flub by an announcer.  It’ll go up here every Tuesday, even if I only get one.  Please don’t let this be the new mailbag segment.  Do the homework, take the pictures, check out VERSUS, and let’s make this a ton of fun.


3 Responses to Announcing a New Segment: VERSUS Fouls

  1. Xavier Dean says:

    Ever worked on a live game broadcast? Imagine a producer yelling at you for a graphic with 10 pieces of info and wanting it in 30-seconds. Think a human being could make a mistake from time to time when in a live broadcast? Pretty easy to sit back and criticize when you are writing a blog without someone holding a gun to your head. Do you think Hockey Night in Canada doesn’t make mistakes from time to time when doing hockey games? What about CBS and Fox for NFL football? If you consider yourself a ‘media professional’ (chuckle) then show a bit of class and discontinue this pointless segment. It’s tactless and shows little respect for the people who take pride in doing those games.

    • stevelepore says:

      Look sir, I understand. As someone who wants to be in the profession, I honestly do. But I’m just trying to have a little fun here. Better it be someone like me, with respect for what the broadcasts do, than someone just lining up to take a potshot.

  2. Jacob says:

    Agree with the first poster. Perhaps you should write your blog on live TV for 3 hours, as events are unfolding – and every time you pause to think, mistakenly hit the wrong key, or just plain mis-spell a word before having a chance to go back and proofread, the annoucers could laugh and condescendingly criticize your abilities. Is there any difference in what you’re doing with this segment?

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