Crosby’s Letterman Snub Just Another Example of How the Players Are As Bad As The League When It Comes to Promotion Ineptitude

From Larry Brooks of the NY Post:

Maybe Sidney Crosby is a fan of Jay’s or maybe he was upset at not being invited to Dave’s Super Bowl bash with Oprah, but folks around the NHL sure would be interested in learning even one of No. 87’s reasons for rejecting David Letterman’s invitation to host his Top Ten while the Golden Boy was in New York this week.

Upon learning of the snub, Slap Shots was told that this wasn’t the first time Crosby, who last year declined to appear on NBC’s “Today” show following Pittsburgh’s Stanley Cup victory, had rejected a request from Letterman’s “Late Show.”

Rest assured that league personnel who have been ridiculed for not having the imagination or wherewithal to capitalize on hockey’s Olympic exposure, are miffed.

Well, I agree with Brooks’ sympathy for Crosby initially.  His time must be asked for by literally every media outlet in the world during the few days where he was North America’s – and perhaps the world’s – most famous athlete.  However, David Letterman’s show is a chance to expose himself as a casual, potentially-crossover sports star.  It won’t get him in the Jordan/Gretzky/Favre realm, but it’ll show the rest of the world that he’s certainly professional sports’ next chance to have another rep in the entertainment world.

For all the people who criticized Alexander Ovechkin for not being willing to talk to the press and for being anti-media and anti-fan during the Olympic Games, who’s to say that Sid the Kid turning down late night TV’s most revered franchise (after the Tonight Show mess) isn’t as bad or even worse?  Jeers to Crosby for not making the simple effort of reading cue cards for two minutes to give the NHL a little extra bump.  Especially after the talk shows couldn’t get him after the Cup last year.  The NHL must be pulling their hair out after this.


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2 Responses to Crosby’s Letterman Snub Just Another Example of How the Players Are As Bad As The League When It Comes to Promotion Ineptitude

  1. James says:

    Do you really think he would go through the hassle of being in New York Thursday night, flying back to Pittsburgh for practice on Friday….shooting down to the airport to fly back to NY for the sake of a 2 minute spot on a Late Night talk show..Tthen, flying back to Pittsburgh for back-to-back day games?

    Face it, if he did appear on the show, then people wouldn’t stop complaining about how much they’re “sick of him” and how he’s such a media whore.

  2. Mikey says:

    Shouldn’t provisions like outside media appearances other than regular media appearances involving the team at morning skate, games be put in these players’ contracts?

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