BREAKING: No Bump For NHL On NBC, Wings-Hawks Stays on Average

From Sports Media Watch:

The Red Wings’ 5-4 win over the Blackhawks drew a 1.2 overnight rating on NBC Sunday afternoon, up 20% from Bruins/Rangers on the comparable date last year (1.0), but down 8% from Penguins/Capitals on February 7 (1.3), NBC’s last NHL telecast before the Olympic break.

This marks the fourth straight NHL telecast on NBC to draw at least a 1.2 overnight rating. To put that in perspective, NBC did not draw an overnight higher than 1.1 during the previous two seasons (excluding the Winter Classic).

At least the numbers are staying consistent week to week.  It’ll be interesting to see if Washington-Chicago keeps pace.


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3 Responses to BREAKING: No Bump For NHL On NBC, Wings-Hawks Stays on Average

  1. Colton says:

    There will be no bump from the Olympics. Ever.

    Which is why the owners don’t want to keep going. They don’t get anything from it. Hockey gets alot from it, more young kids want to play hockey around the world which is awesome. But it has no effect at all on the NHL, other than maybe a few more tickets being sold.

    It’s up to the NHL to get new fans. The Olympics won’t do it for them.

  2. kevin says:

    Consider the magnitude of the Olympic Gold Medal game vs a regular season NHL game? The two events are mutually exclusive. Unless the NHL can get something out of the IOC…online rights maybe….there is nothing in it for the NHL whatsover

  3. john says:

    the round robin should be taken out of the actual olympic games and played like a regular season once or twice a month in nhl and european cities. that way the owners make some bucks from the games being played in their arena, fans get to know the players earlier and maybe follow them during the nhl, and the no-one has to sit through an 8-0 canada blowout of a norway or something. The olympics are too much like catching lightning in a bottle for the NHL. Doing something like this may spread it out more.

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