Sid the Kid Part of Ad Campaign Featuring Nude Viral Videos?

(Yes, this was the most uncomfortable headline I’ve ever had to write in my entire life.  I apologize for you all having to read it.)

There has been a rash (get it?) of nude athletes in recent days.  First, Chuck Liddell and his girlfriend, Heidi Northcott.  Today, Chad Ochocino was spotted.  Could the next in line be… Sidney Crosby?

It appears so, according to CNBC’s Darren Rovell on Twitter.  He says it’s part of a viral campaign that will include athletes from various sports to promote Reebok’s new line of shoes:

Other signed to wear Reebok ZigTech shoes (naked ads): Shane Mosley, Thierry Henry, Santonio Holmes, Sidney Crosby

I know, right?  SIDNEY CROSBY?  HIM?!? Now allow me to clarify… Rovell told us later last night that there was no guarantee Crosby would appear nude.  So feel free to correct me if this turns out to not be the case.  I guess I’ll search for some more details on this if I can.  I’ll report on anything new that perks up.  I mean, Puck the Media is all about searching for the naked truth.


One Response to Sid the Kid Part of Ad Campaign Featuring Nude Viral Videos?

  1. miah says:

    Hopefully if Sid is naked, these ladies will follow suit?

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