Look, VERSUS, We Don’t Want to Sound Ungrateful…

I’m loving what the NHL on VERSUS has done this week.  The fact is, it’s great to have wall-to-wall hockey.  I’m loving the coverage, the studio show seems a little snappier, the graphics are a little better, and the games have been pretty terrific.  I don’t want to sound like a jerk by complaining about something comparatively insignificant.

However, isn’t there anyway VERSUS can impose it’s own graphics on a telecast, especially when Comcast owns both VERSUS and the network that’s televising the game in question (In last night’s New Jersey-San Jose case, Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area) too?

NBATV uses a similar practice.  Whenever that network televises a game, they use local announcers, but they use graphics completely produced by the network.  I’m sure it has something to do with the NBA owning that network, but I’m sure it couldn’t be too difficult for VERSUS to make happen.

I’m sure it’d provide some confusion for viewers, and maybe make some complain that the VERSUS announcers are being to biased towards the team their local network covers (in this case, Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda), but it’s something that should be looked into for professionalism’s sake.  Like I said, it’s not something that bothers me all that much.  Still, it’d be nice to see more of a VERSUS imprint upon the game.


5 Responses to Look, VERSUS, We Don’t Want to Sound Ungrateful…

  1. joe says:

    Nice try, but gee I wouldn’t know. See I have DIrecTV and all I see is snow. Not that I want to see Versus really. (Give me TSN or CBC anyday.

    Its sad they are screwing DirecTV customers. I have an idea though. Maybe they can have an image with the middle finger, that seems very appropriate for their current situation of screwing me over. Wonders how I can get the playoffs without Versus and subscribing to Comcast without moving to Canada.

  2. Chris Wassel says:

    Excellent point Steve. Now if only we can get Versus and national TV to show the Pens or Caps a hair less.

  3. Ryan says:


    Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda do not work for Versus, they are they local play by play and color announcers for all Sharks’ games. Versus was carrying the feed from San Jose, that’s why it was biased. Perhaps you could do some research next time.

    For the records, Versus coverage blows. BIll Patrick is a hack who couldn’t analyze his way out of paper bag nor his head out of Crosby’s crotch. I’m waiting for the day that Jonesy and Engblom finally grow tired of his bs and brain him with boom mic.

    • stevelepore says:

      A good re-read of that column will show you that I was aware of that and exactly the thing I was asking VERSUS not to do. For someone complaining about lack of research, you sure made a fool of yourself here…

    • stevelepore says:

      “Hey, I’m gonna give him hell for something he wrote 3 weeks ago! I don’t have time to actually read it!

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