Quotes From a Solid Gold Day of Hockey

VANCOUVER – February 28, 2010 – NBC Olympics daytime coverage concluded with the much-anticipated men’s gold medal hockey game with Canada defeating USA 3-2 in overtime seen live across the country.

NBC’s Mary Carillo hosted the daytime show from the studio and Al Michaels hosted from the site of the gold medal hockey game at Canada Hockey Place.

Joining Michaels for analysis were Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick. Mike “Doc” Emrick provided play-by-play, Eddie Olczyk provided game analysis and Pierre McGuire reported from “Inside the Glass.”

Al Michaels (Host), Bill Patrick (Host), Mike Milbury (Analyst), Jeremy Roenick (Analyst), Mike “Doc” Emrick (Play-By-Play), Eddie Olczyk (Game Analyst), Pierre McGuire (“Inside the Glass” Reporter)
Canada: 3 USA: 2

CARILLO ON CANADA IN THE GOLD MEDAL GAME: “Today is the day all of Canada has been anticipating. What may be a once in a lifetime event. The U.S. vs. Canada in the gold medal hockey game at an Olympics being held in hockey mad Canada.

“No sport brings Canadians together quite like hockey. Every graceful thrill of connecting stick to puck to the back of the net is cause for communal celebration.”

“Here this isn’t the Super Bowl, it’s bigger than the Super Bowl.”

MICHAELS ON THE GOLD MEDAL GAME: “Before this day is done the roof could come off at Canada Hockey Place in Vancouver. This will be riveting.”

OLCZYK: “This is about motivation. This is about an opportunity at the highest level to win a gold medal and a little hockey respect.”


EMRICK: “The hockey culture, the language. The only difference is passports.”

MICHAELS: “If you’re in this building, it feels like the most important game in the history of hockey. Certainly, to this country.”

MILBURY: “Team Canada knows just how hard they have to work to out muscle Team USA.”


MICHAELS: “It’s hockey at its best.”

ROENICK: “Team USA got on the board late in that period and that’s giving them a lot of momentum going in. They’re starting to see chinks in the Canadians armor. They obviously see that Luongo’s a little bit shaky. They are feeling good. They’re saying, ‘Let’s keep the pressure on the golden boys and the Canadians are sitting in their room saying, ‘Guys we cannot sit back. We did it the other day against the Slovaks, they almost came back and beat us. We’ve got keep the hammer down, keep the pressure going on them.'”



EMRICK ON THIS OLYMPICS HOCKEY TOURNAMENT: “One year ago there were players from Finland and Russia and Sweden all talking about how they were going to be a part of, in their minds, the greatest hockey tournament in history. We have seen that.”

OLCZYK ON THE TOURNAMENT: “It’s been high quality. Entertaining. Just a privilege to be a very small part of it.”

EMRICK ON THE BROADCAST CREW: “I should make mention of this, it’s not about us. It is about our crew. They have been in Vancouver here for 13 days. They have done 42 games. We hope you’ve enjoyed them. Eddie and I have been involved in about half of them, but there are some who have done all 42 – the equivalent of half an NHL season in two weeks time. They will sleep well tonight.”

OLCZYK ON THE BROADCAST CREW: “I tip my hockey helmet to them. A gold medal winning performance by our great crew behind the scenes. It sure helps when you have unbelievable hockey.”

MCGUIRE ON USA’S ZACH PARISE’S GAME TYING GOAL: “Zach Parise almost jumps over the glass here at Canada Hockey Place.”

PATRICK: “17,000 people in this building. Their hearts stopping and starting with every shot.”

“Sweaty palms filling this building. I can’t imagine what the players are feeling.”

MILBURY: “If you didn’t like that period, you don’t like hockey. It’s a turf war out there. They’re fighting for every inch they can get.”

ROENICK: “Do you understand what we’re going to get right now? We’re going to get the most exciting things in all of sports – sudden death overtime. Someone tonight is going to be a national hero. Tonight, someone is going to make dreams come true for lots and lots of kids in their country. I can’t believe it.”

MILBURY ON USA’S PARISE: “This guy has been the most persistent player on the ice for both squads today. He just won’t quit on it.”

EMRICK: “It is about the team, that’s for sure. Somebody has to get the winner. If it is a Canadian, they will be equivalent to Paul Henderson who scored in ’72 against the Soviets. If it is an American, Mike Eruzione will have company as a hero”

OLCZYK: “An unbelievable tournament. And why expect anything other than overtime in the gold medal game.”

EMRICK: “The hockey fans here in Vancouver saluting and respecting the unbelievable job of that man right there, Ryan Miller.”

EMRICK ON HOCKEY IN CANADA: “How big is this for Sidney Crosby and for the nation of Canada? When they announced the team, 4 million watched on television just to hear who was going to be on the team.”

EMRICK ON CANADA’S SIDNEY CROSBY: “He didn’t have any points for two complete games coming into this game. He didn’t have any for the sixty minutes. Got the winner.”


CANADA’S SIDNEY CROSBY ON WINNING GOLD: “This is a dream come true. I’ve always dreamed of playing for Team Canada and obviously winning a gold medal. This was a lot closer than we would’ve expected. An unbelievable feeling.”

CROSBY ON STARTING OFF THE TOURNAMENT SLOWLY: “We dropped that game to the U.S. and had a close against the Swiss. Our goal was to continue to get better and I think we did that. That was our motivation to get better each and every game. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy. There is a lot of great teams here. I though tonight it took a lot of work and extra to do it.”

CROSBY ON WHAT THIS GAME MEANS TO NORTH AMERICA: “It means a lot. Even outside of that. Hockey all over the world is incredible. Year after year, everybody’s getting better. The teams are so competitive. A perfect example is this tournament here. Hockey’s in really good shape. Whether we would have won today, or somebody else, I think everyone saw a pretty amazing display of skill and the way the game should be played here the last couple of weeks.”

USA’S GOALTENDER RYAN MILLER ON WINNING SILVER: “It’s not quite what we wanted, but I think we gained a lot of respect. Our guys came here as an after thought to a lot of people. I think we started a new trend with USA Hockey.”


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