And So It’s The End of the Week And…

I’m taking next week mostly off.

Now, let me make myself clear.  Monday and Tuesday, Puck the Media is the place to find out the ratings for the Gold Medal Game.  But after that… it’s open threads and guest posts for the rest of the week.

Thank you for reading and commenting.  The Olympics have been the most successful two-week period in Puck the Media history.  As the desire of the fans to see hockey goes up, so does the desire to see what dumb things the broadcasters are doing.  I appreciate you all so much.

See ya.

Puck the Media upcoming schedule

Mar. 1 – 5: Light posting Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday-Friday off
Mar. 8-12: Full Week
Mar. 15-19: Full Week
Mar. 22-26: Full Week
Mar. 29-Apr. 2: Full Week
Apr. 5-9: Week Off
Apr. 12-June 21: On Every Day

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