Quotes From NBC Hockey Talent (No, Not That) From Last Night’s Games

VANCOUVER – February 24, 2010 – Daytime coverage of the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games continued today on NBC with live coverage of the men’s hockey quarterfinal game between Team USA and Switzerland. USA won 2-0 and will advance to the semifinal round, facing the winner of Finland vs. Czech Republic.

Al Michaels hosted the daytime show live from Canada Hockey Place. Joining Michaels for analysis were Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick. Mike “Doc” Emrick provided play-by-play, Eddie Olczyk provided game analysis and Pierre McGuire reported from “Inside the Glass.” Below are highlights from the game.



OLCZYK ON WHY TEAM USA HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL: “It’s been the extra effort. The plays without the puck.”

EMRICK ON USA’S CHRIS DRURY AND RYAN CALLAHAN: “Drury and Callahan together have been magic.”

OLCZYK ON SWITERLAND’S THOMAS DERUNS: “Every time Thomas Deruns is on the ice, he’s a heat-seeking missile.”

MILBURY ON USA’S RYAN MILLER: “He makes it look easy.”

ROENICK ON SWITZERLAND’S JONAS HILLER: “The saves that he makes are sometimes acrobatic, sometimes desperation. He finds ways to save the puck.”

OLCZYK ON THIS OLYMPIC TOURNAMENT: “We’ve seen momentum in these Olympic Games. When you have it, you feel it, and you throw everything at the net.”


OLCZYK ON SWITZERLAND IN THE SECOND PERIOD: “The Swiss are comfortable right now. They know Hiller is on top of his game. They’ve taken the crowd out of it and they’ve taken a little bit of the pace out of it. They’re comfortable in this kind of environment.”

“Penalty killing is about heart and structure. The Swiss have a lot of heart and tremendous structure.”

“You have some guys in white that just play with a whole lot of nasty. They just get in your face and they smack you. They are not intimidated at all.”

MICHAELS ON TEAM USA: “The United States have outshot the Swiss 32-8.”


OLCZYK ON USA’S ZACH PARISE: “One word to describe Zach Parise. Persistence.”

MCGUIRE ON PARISE: “This guy’s the heart and soul of U.S.A hockey.”

EMRICK ON USA’S RYAN MILLER: “The last shut out by a U.S. goalie was by Mike Richter in ’02.”

OLCZYK ON TEAM SWITERLAND: “It was a gutsy performance by the Swiss.”

ROENICK ON THE GAME: “That was one of the best games of the Olympics so far. Sacrifice. Willing to pay the price. What a hockey game.”

On CNBC, Canada’s men’s hockey team defeated Russia, 7-3, for the first time in the Olympics since 1960 and advanced to the semifinal of the tournament. The host nation will play the winner of Sweden-Slovakia.

CNBC, Men’s Ice Hockey Quarterfinal:
Canada 7 vs. Russia 3
Bill Patrick (Host), Mike Milbury (Studio Analyst), Jeremy Roenick (Studio Analyst), Mike Emrick (Play-By-Play), Eddie Olczyk (Analyst), Joe Micheletti

Roenick on USA after win by Canada: “This is probably the worst scenario that the Americans could have expected. Canada coming out and just steamrolling Russia. Now Canada is rolling along, and they are feeling really good about themselves. They lost to the U.S on Sunday. This is a revenge game. If I was the U.S., I would be getting a little nervous right now.”

Patrick: “Canada defeats Russia in the Olympics for the first time since 1960.”

Olczyk: “A good old-fashioned schooling.”

Olczyk on the arena: “This place is absolutely going bonkers.”

Emrick on Canada and Russia: “Let’s just say they battle pretty hard.”

Olczyk on Canada’s Rick Nash’s speed: “Look at Rick Nash. It’s like he was shot out of cannon right through the neutral zone. Nobody had a chance on a reaction.”

Roenick: “Canada has only won one gold in the last 50 years and being on their home turf, I think they expect No. 2 to come this year.”

Patrick: “We have sat here and watched 37 hockey games over the last week and a half. None has had the feel that Canada and Russia has.”

Milbury on Russia’s Alexander Ovechkin: “This was a superstar that wasn’t ready for this situation.”

Milbury on Canada’s Roberto Luongo: “He’s a terrific goaltender. Really gobbles up pucks around the front of the net.”

Roenick on Ovechkin as a celebrity in the sports world: “He’s like the Brad Pitt of sports.”

Patrick on NHL teammates Crosby and Malkin: “Arguably the two best players on the Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins are playing in this game. And while they are teammates most of the year, for a few weeks they are friendly rivals: Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.”


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