BREAKING: MSNBC Draws Massive Viewership For USA-Canada Classic

According to Darren Rovell on Twitter:

8.2M[illion] viewers watch USA-Canada on MSNBC.  Record MSNBC night was 8.23M for 11/4/08 election coverage.

The USA-Canada game has outrated Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final on NBC last season.  It would also be the second most-watched hockey game in America since the Miracle on Ice (The US-Canada Gold Medal game in Salt Lake drew 10 million viewers).  It’s a great day for hockey, folks.

From NBC:

8.2 MILLION AVERAGE VIEWERSHIP FOR WATCH USA-CANADA HOCKEY GAME ON MSNBC: An average audience of 8.22 million watched the USA hockey team defeat Canada, 5-3, nearly matching the best average viewership for a program on MSNBC. (Election Night Coverage, 8.23 million on Nov. 4, 2008).

· The hockey game on MSNBC received a national household rating of 4.3, the third highest-rated program in MSNBC’s history behind the Democratic Presidential debate (2/26/08, 4.9 rating) and the analysis following the debate (4.4 rating).

UPDATE: We’ve now got word that the game drew 10.8 million viewers in Canada on CTV, the most watched sporting event in Canadian history.  19 million people watched the game across the continent.

14 Responses to BREAKING: MSNBC Draws Massive Viewership For USA-Canada Classic

  1. kevin says:

    Obviously it is going to outrate the SCF…that’s a no brainer. But I did predict it would be the #1 rated show in MSNBC history and I basically was right..Then again nobody watches that channel but political geeks anyway

    • Josh says:

      Would you say the same about all cable news networks – that only political geeks watch them? Because Fox News is consistently one of the (or *the*) highest-rated cable channel in the US, doing better on most nights than ESPN.

      So, you might say that since politics and the news appeal to more people, nobody really watches ESPN or Versus other than “sports geeks”.

  2. James says:

    any word on how many people watched ice dancing?

  3. kevin says:

    Hockey…….8,000,000 male viewers

    Ice Dancing 21,000,000 female viewers and 1,000,000 fruitcakes

  4. Tim says:

    So it didn’t eclipse the mothership like a lot of us were hoping it would, but outstanding numbers nonetheless.

  5. Ivan says:

    Wow. Think about that. 8 million viewers on MSNBC. Hockey could have destroyed records in prime time. As it is, it barely edged Game 7. I think there’s a really good chance hockey could have gotten more viewers than ice dancing, especially in the 2nd and 3rd periods when USA was leading.

    The execs at NBC Sports and Dick Ebersol are buffoons. This was the big night for hockey and they put the game on their worst of the 4 networks. Awful. At the very least they could have put this on USA Network. And I would have no problem with the decision if they had actually shown some sort of athletic event or sport on NBC, but ice dancing and figure skating is a total disgrace.

  6. kevin says:

    Why does Barry Melrose say 75% of Canada will be watching…? 10 million Canadians viewers…that’s more like 30%. The guy is a complete dolt. About the same amount of people watched in the USA on a cable channel. This is why the future of hockey is in the USA…not Canada

    • DyHrdMET says:

      Yes, Barry Melrose is a buffoon. No argument here. Canada outdrew the USA in terms of audience with a population about 1/3 the size. NBC would have done better putting the game on the NBC network, but it only could have worked had they done away with the tape delay and bumped the 6pm local and national newscasts on the west coast until after the game, and then bumped all those other great events that they showed instead from the primetime show. I don’t think NBC is capable of thinking on that level. But Canada outdrew the US in viewers – Hockey is their sport and they’re the future.

  7. kevin says:

    Canada has played hockey forever. 30% of all viewers is great but that number is never going to change. The USA numbers are about 3% of the population. If the USA grows to 5% it will dwarf Canada’s viewers. That is why all the “growth” is in the USA. Companies look for “growth”…that is my point. The Canadian market is a mature market. It’s not going to change unless they have an influx on tens of millions of people. I don’t seee that happening since its cold and snowy 70% of the time. Most people leave Canada at some point if they can. There’s millions of them living here in the USA right now

    • Chris says:

      “Most people leave Canada at some point if they can.”

      I’m sorry if I took that the wrong way. But that seemed to be a low blow at my country. As if USA is somehow superior to Canada? How’s that? We have jobs here, we’re used to winter. It’s part of our life. We get 1st rate hockey coverage compared to your shitty half-rate coverage. No need for most Canadians to leave in my opinion.

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