Hockey Quotes From Yesterday and Late Night Before



Bill Patrick (Host), Jeremy Roenick and Mike Milbury (Studio Analysts), Mike Emrick (Play-by-play), Ed Olczyk (Analyst), Pierre McGuire (Reporter)

USA: 6 Norway: 1

OLCZYK ON TEAM USA’S DAVID BACKES: “David Backes has that ability to be able to go around you or even doesn’t mind going right through you and running you into the third or fourth row.”

OLCZYK ON TEAM USA’S DUSTIN BROWN:”You know what’s amazing? If you were to ask Dean Lombardi when people call the L.A. Kings, who’s the one player he always gets asked about in terms of trading? Everybody wants Dustin Brown. He never takes a short cut. When he arrives, he arrives, in ill humor, and he’s a very intelligent kid and a fantastic teammate and leader.”

TEAM USA’S JACK JOHNSON ON WALKING IN TO THE OPENING CEREMONY: “Just before we came out of the tunnel you could hear the roar of the crowd and see the lights and how spectacular the whole thing was; that’s when it really set in, that this is really as big as it gets. It was worth every minute it took to get there and probably the coolest experience I’ve ever had in my life. It was a real honor and a privilege to walk alongside the other athletes from my country. I got to share it with my family too which is really important and got the full Olympic experience.”


5:00 p.m. – 5:00 a.m.


Bill Patrick (Host), Jeremy Roenick (Analyst), Mike Milbury (Analyst), Kenny Albert (Play-by-play), Joe Micheletti (Analyst) Czech Republic: 3 Slovakia: 1

ROENICK ON THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN THE CZECH REPUBLIC AND SLOVAKIA: “We knew that these teams do not like each other. There’s no love lost, and they are going after each other. This is by far the most intense game that we’ve seen so far this Olympics.”

MICHELETTI ON CZECH REPUBLIC’S TOMAS VOKOUN: “The goaltending of that man right there, Tomas Vokoun, has been stellar this game.”

CNBC, Men’s Hockey:
Canada 3 vs. Switzerland 2, OT
Bill Patrick (Host), Jeremy Roenick and Mike Milbury (Studio Analysts), Mike Emrick (Play-By-Play), Ed Olczyk (Analyst), Joe Micheletti (Reporter)

Milbury on the game: “This was a classic game. You’ve been there, I’ve been there when you are trying to slay the dragon. Everything has to go just right. In the end, reality showed up in the form of Sidney Crosby.”

Roenick on Switzerland: “You cannot underestimate Switzerland. They are going to keep coming at you and coming at you. They are relentless, and they showed that tonight.”

Emrick: “Haven’t seen many like this. Sidney Crosby wins it in a shoot out.”

Patrick on Canada’s goaltending: “There is no doubt that Team Canada has a good goaltending situation.”

MSNBC, Women’s Ice Hockey:
USA 6 vs. Finland 0
Bill Patrick (Host), Cammi Granato (Studio Analyst), Kenny Albert (Play-By-Play), AJ Mleczko (Analyst)

Mleczko on women’s hockey: “Over the years, women’s hockey has grown. The players have gotten stronger and they’ve gotten faster. Here you see how much more skilled they are.”

Mleczko on USA’s Jessie Vetter: “She is one of those goaltenders that her teammates love to play in front of and part of it is because of how she stops the puck. A lot of it is how her demeanor is; she’s very calm and very relaxed, she smiles.”

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