VERSUS To Have Ad Presence In Every Olympic Telecast

Let’s be honest folks, DirecTV or no DirecTV, VERSUS is must-see television from April to June.  Now, it’s making itself must see in March, through added games and tons of pre-game stuff.  Case in point, here’s VERSUS’ new race to the playoffs commercial:

This is a fantastic commercial.  Be honest, you’ve done many of these things before.  The spot was directed by Brett Morgan, who directed a recent special on the Olympic skiing team.

Anyway, the other good news is that VERSUS will have a great presence with this ad during the XXI Olympiad:

From February 16 through February 23, VERSUS will have at least one 30 second spot (and in most cases two 30 second spots) in every Olympic hockey game. We saw this as a great way to reach hockey and casual sports fans in a concentrated way reminding them that VERSUS is the television destination for the most hockey action on TV from March through the playoffs.

One Response to VERSUS To Have Ad Presence In Every Olympic Telecast

  1. C.J. Richey says:

    Easily one of the best NHL commercials I’ve seen.

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