Re-Posted: Your Official 2010 Winter Olympic Hockey (Men’s & Women’s) Superschedule

Here’s a guide to where you can find all the games, and a link will be posted over on the blogroll.  Follow me after the jump.  Also, at 2:30 AM ET everyday, CNBC will air highlights from each day of hockey once the men’s tourney begins.  Credit goes out to jkrdevil and Rob Hoffman for pointing these out to me.

Feb. 13
3:00 WOMEN
Sweden vs. Switzerland (CNBC)
8:00 WOMEN Canada vs. Slovakia (CNBC)

Feb. 14
3:00 WOMEN
USA vs. China (USA)
7:30 WOMEN Finland vs. Russia (CNBC)

Feb. 15
5:30 WOMEN
Canada vs. Switzerland (MSNBC)

Feb. 16
3:00 MEN
USA vs. Switzerland (USA)
5:30 WOMEN USA vs. Russia (MSNBC)
8:00 MEN Canada vs. Norway (CNBC)
10:00 WOMEN Finland vs. China (CNBC)
12:30 AM MEN Russia vs. Latvia (CNBC)

Feb. 17
3:00 MEN
Finland vs. Belarus (MSNBC)
5:30 WOMEN Canada vs. Sweden (MSNBC)
8:00 MEN
Sweden vs. Germany (CNBC)
10:00 WOMEN Switzerland vs. Slovakia (CNBC)
12:30 MEN Czech Republic vs. Slovakia (CNBC)

Feb. 18
3:00 MEN
USA vs. Norway (USA)
5:30 WOMEN USA vs. Finland (MSNBC)
8:00 MEN
Canada vs. Switzerland (CNBC)
10:00 WOMEN Russia vs. China (CNBC)
12:30 MEN Russia vs. Slovakia (CNBC)

Feb. 19
3:00 MEN
Sweden vs. Belarus (MSNBC)
8:00 MEN Czech Republic vs. Latvia (CNBC)
12:00 MEN Finland vs. Germany (MSNBC)

Feb. 20
3:00 MEN
Norway vs. Switzerland (MSNBC)
7:30 MEN Slovakia vs. Latvia (MSNBC)
12:00 MEN Belarus vs. Germany (MSNBC)

Feb. 21
3:00 MEN
Czech Republic vs. Russia (NBC)
7:00 MEN Canada vs. USA (MSNBC)
12:00 MEN Sweden vs. Finland (MSNBC)

Feb. 22
3:00 WOMEN
Semi-final featuring Team USA (USA)
8:00 WOMEN Semi-final (CNBC)

Feb. 23
3:00 MEN
Secondary Round Action (Potential Team USA Game) (USA)
8:00 MEN Secondary Round Action (CNBC)
10:00 MEN Secondary Round Action (CNBC)
12:30 MEN Secondary Round Action (CNBC)

Feb. 24
3:00 MEN
Team USA Quarterfinal (NBC)
7:00 MEN Team Canada Quarterfinal (MSNBC)
10:00 MEN
Quarterfinal  (CNBC)
12:30 MEN
Quarterfinal (CNBC)

Feb. 25
2:00 WOMEN
Bronze Medal Game (MSNBC)
6:00 WOMEN
Gold Medal Game (MSNBC, with Potential 3rd Period Coverage on NBC)

Feb. 26
3:00 MEN
Team USA Semifinal (NBC, Likely Moved if Team USA not involved)
9:00 MEN
Semifinal (CNBC)

Feb. 27
10:00 MEN Bronze Medal Game (MSNBC)

Feb. 28
3:15 MEN
Gold Medal Game (NBC)

Team USA


Feb. 16 – vs. Switzerland, 3:00 PM (USA)
Feb. 18 –
vs. Norway, 3:00 PM (USA)
Feb. 21 – vs. Canada, 7:00 PM (MSNBC)


Feb. 14 – vs. China, 3:00 PM (USA)
Feb. 16 – vs. Russia, 5:30 PM (MSNBC)
Feb. 18 – vs. Finland, 5:30 PM (MSNBC)

10 Responses to Re-Posted: Your Official 2010 Winter Olympic Hockey (Men’s & Women’s) Superschedule

  1. E says:

    Does anyone have the complete list of Olympic mens hockey broadcasters for NBC? I know the horrible combination of Mike Emrik and Ed Olyzk will be the #1 team. BUt, anyone know who else is doing the games?

    • stevelepore says:

      Wow, you’re gonna knock Doc on this site? Good call. And good spelling.

    • canadiansportsfan says:

      How can you say that Emrick and Olczyk are horrible? Emrick, along with Bob Cole, is the best of the last 25 years, and I like Olczyk as well.

      Colton, Strader will likely be the #2 PxP, Pang is working for CTV/Rogers though. I’d expect Milbury might be in the booth with Strader.

      • john says:

        there is just too much talk with those two as with the majority of tv hockey anouncers. when emrick can get into his groove and edzo holds off on talking, then its good. i think edzo should be a studio guy.

  2. colton says:

    The other team is probably Strader/Pang with Milbury as an extra.

  3. Cassie says:

    These times are all Eastern, correct?

  4. dyhrdmet says:

    I like that NBC for the first time will have Olympic events on cable during their normally exclusive 8pm-12am prime time window. I hope that the games on NBC itself will be shown live to all time zones. NBC got a lot of heat in 2008 for that, especially with Team USA Basketball.

    • Josh says:

      If the figure skating schedule is anything to go by (and admittedly, it might not be), then NBC’s going to keep showing things on a 3-hour delay to the West Coast.

  5. dyhrdmet says:

    I can find other avenues to rip NBC for showing their coverage on delay to the west coast (at least the daytime coverage), but from what I can tell on, everything on NBC itself is tape delayed on the west coast. good thing that most of the hockey is on cable.

  6. dyhrdmet says:

    I just realized something in the schedule. Each night, in the 2 late Men’s Hockey games, the Olympics schedule lists them as 4:30pm PT (7:30pm ET) and 9pm PT (12am ET), but NBC’s schedule indicates that they’ll be joined 30 minutes later because of Curling until 5pm PT (8pm ET) and Women’s Hockey until 9:30pm PT (12:30am ET).

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