Yotes TV Ratings Up

From the team website:

PHOENIX — With the red hot Phoenix Coyotes riding a five-game winning streak and making a move towards the top of the NHL’s Western Conference playoff race, the team is the talk of the league and interest among Valley sports fans is growing rapidly. Nowhere is the attention reflected more than with their increased television ratings on FOX Sports Arizona.

According to Nielsen Media Research, ratings for Phoenix Coyotes telecasts on FOX Sports Arizona are up 50% over their ratings for last season. Additionally, ratings for the network’s “Qwest Coyotes Live” pre-game show are up 90% over last year’s average, while ratings for the “Qwest Coyotes Live” post-game show are enjoying a 60% increase this season.


2 Responses to Yotes TV Ratings Up

  1. Joel says:

    That’s great, but I find it funny they don’t give us any ratings.

  2. Colton says:


    As of January 11th,2009 Phoenix had a local rating of 0.5 which was a 100% increase over the previous year.

    So I’m guessing they’re around 0.75 right now.

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