Canadian Olympic Opening Round TV Schedule

Thanks, The506!  All times pacific.

Day #5, Tuesday 2/16:
12:00pm, Switzerland-United States. TSN.
4:30pm, Canada-Norway. CTV.
9:00pm, Latvia-Russia. CTV

Day #6, Wednesday 2/17:
12:00pm, Belarus-Finland.  TSN
4:30pm, Germany-Sweden. TSN
9:30pm, Czech Republic-Slovakia. S-Net

Day #7, Thursday 2/18:
12:00pm, Norway-United States. S-Net.
4:30pm, Canada-Switzerland. CTV.
9:00pm, Russia-Slovakia TSN

Day #8, Friday 2/19:
12:00pm, Belarus-Sweden. S-Net.
4:30pm, Latvia-Czech Republic. S-Net.
9:00pm, Finland-Germany.  CTV

Day #9, Saturday 2/20:
12:00pm, Norway-Switzerland. S-Net.
4:30pm, Latvia-Slovakia. S-Net.
9:00pm, Belarus-Germany. TSN

Day #10, Sunday 2/21:
12:00pm, Czech Republic-Russia. TSN
4:30pm, Canada-United States. CTV.
9:00pm, Finland-Sweden. CTV

Day #12, Tuesday 2/23:
12:00pm, Teams TBA. S-Net.
4:30pm, Teams TBA. CTV.
7:00pm, Teams TBA. TSN.
9:00pm, Teams TBA. CTV.

Day #13, Wednesday 2/24:
12:00pm, QF: United States vs. TBA. S-Net.
4:30pm, QF: Canada vs. TBA. CTV.
7:00pm, QF: Teams TBA. TSN.
9:00pm, QF: Teams TBA. CTV.

Day #15, Friday 2/26:
12:00pm, SF: Teams TBA. CTV.
6:30pm, SF: Teams TBA. CTV.

Day #16, Saturday 2/27:
7:00pm, 3rd Place: Teams TBA. CTV.

Day #17, Sunday 2/28:
3:00pm, Final: Teams TBA. CTV*.


9 Responses to Canadian Olympic Opening Round TV Schedule

  1. jkrdevil says:

    So the US is getting more game than the Canadians

  2. Chris says:

    I think I heard somewhere that CTV was promising all Men’s Hockey Games will be live on tv on at least one channel, English, French or the many multicultural language channels they made deals with. Some could end up on RDS, some could end up on the OMNI channels (Asian languages) and APTN (Native language). I know that every second is also live in HD on

    Can you tell I’m pumped to watch my first Olympics in my home country? 😀

    • Josh says:

      Unless there’s a real chance of a Canadian winning a medal in an event somewhere, I can’t believe that there’d be any Team Canada games not live on CTV.

      • Chris says:

        Yeah CTV is almost guaranteed to show every second of Canada’s Mens Hockey games. Too huge of a ratings winner to pass on. Especially in prime time. They’ll probably throw in highlights/short events during the intermissions.

  3. Chris says:

    Here’s the full interactive tv schedule for Canada’s Olympic broadcasters:

  4. canadiansportsfan says:

    Steve, that wasn’t a complete schedule, it was only based on a few confirmations early in the games. I’ve updated that post with the complete schedule for games on TSN, Sportsnet and CTV now. All men’s Olympic hockey games will air on one of the 3 in HD.

  5. Josh says:

    How is it that they already know which Quarterfinal games the Canadian and US teams will play in? For that matter – how do they already know the Canadian and US teams will REACH the quarterfinals?

    • canadiansportsfan says:

      Because no matter where they finish, as long as they make the quarters, Canada gets the 4:30 PT game and the US gets the 12 PT game for TV reasons (its what CTV and NBC want). If Canada and the US play each other the game will be at 4:30. They don’t know the US and Canada will reach the quarters, but if they do they will get those slots. The quarter final timeslots are not based on where you finish, only the matchups are. any of the 1/8, 2/7, 3/6 and 4/5 games could be in any timeslot.

      As I said before, all games will be on TV in both the US and Canada. Neither is getting more games than the other (although CNBC is joining a lot of games in progress partway through the first).

  6. TheWestWing says:

    jkrdevil :
    So the US is getting more game than the Canadians

    Is that a given? Is there a US schedule to help us bounce around every friggin NBC offshoot that exists

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