Have The Wings Turned Into a Ratings Drag?

Look, I know I’m going to get killed for this among the Wings fans and perhaps deservedly so, but it’s not unfair to wonder about this theory.  The Wings/Hawks game drawing an 0.8 rating can be easily thrown off based on the NFL Conference Championships going on at the same time.  But a Pens/Flyers game drawing higher rating than a Penguins/Red Wings game?  Is the average hockey fan finally suffering from Red Wings fatigue.

In every NHL national TV schedule since the league returned to broadcast TV in 1994, the Red Wings have appeared close to or at the maximum amount of times.  Ditto the league’s various cable contracts.  I wonder about the average hockey fan because, according to this data from Pifeedback.com, the Detroit market is clearly as into the Wings as Pittsburgh fans are into the Pens:

            away           home
            #11   DET      #23   PIT
 Time       DET   #HH      PIT   #HH
12:30     4.9/11:  93    8.6/19:  99
12:45     5.6/13: 106   10.6/23: 122
 1:00     6.7/15: 127   11.3/24: 131
 1:15     5.7/13: 108    8.3/17:  96
 1:30     7.1/16: 134   10.3/21: 119
 1:45     7.3/17: 138   11.4/23: 132
 2:00     5.7/13: 108   10.7/21: 124
 2:15     6.3/15: 119   11.8/24: 136
 2:30     8.0/18: 151   13.0/25: 150
 2:45     9.6/21: 181   14.0/26: 162
 3:00     9.8/20: 175   15.3/29: 176

Those numbers show that Wings fans are still tuning in, but this – as well as low ratings for Chicago games this year, and in April of 2009 – might suggest that people are still in to watching Crosby and the black and gold, while not being down quite as much with the Winged Wheel.  What do you folks think?


4 Responses to Have The Wings Turned Into a Ratings Drag?

  1. Chris says:

    You are looking way to deep into this…

    the NFL is freaking huge and will take those extra 500K viewers easily away

  2. Colton says:

    Their team is really boring to watch, plain and simple.

    They have a really good team, but they’ve turned into the New Jersey Devils. No personality at all and people could care less about them outside of their market.

    • Josh says:

      I agree fully with Colton. I just don’t particularly care about any of their players. They don’t have any young, up and coming exciting talent (no Crosby, no Ovie, no Gaborik, not even a Kopitar or Doughty). They don’t have anyone in the top 25 scorers in the league, and there are no big, compelling personalities or storylines.

      I can watch a team like, say, the Sharks and wonder whether veterans like Marleau, Heatley and Thornton are ever going to get their shots at a Cup. Ditto my Sens with Alfie, the Bruins and Chara or the Flames and Iginla. With the Wings, it’s about whether guys are going to win *another* Cup, which just isn’t as interesting. The Canucks have a compelling goaltender, the Wings have Jimmy Who. The Flyers play an interesting (if not always successful) brand of hockey, the Wings are dull as dishwater.

  3. Ricky Muncie says:

    Maybe people want to see a good team. NBC should have some f**king guts and show one of the top teams in the league for a change, such as the San Jose Sharks, who have NEVER appeared on NBC regular season since NBC went to the single game of the week format.

    The NHL scheduler didn’t even give them one east coast Sunday morning game in January/February/March/April. Just try and tell me that the NHL and NBC are purposely trying to keep the Sharks away from an NBC national broadcast. Sharks at Caps would probably do better than that last Wings game. In fact, Sharks at Caps should be the 2011 Winter Classic. Classic west coast v. east coast matchup, stars galore. Who doesn’t want that?

    oh yeah, NBC and the NHL don’t want that 😦

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