Your NBC Olympic Hockey Announcers

Based on bios from a media guide at the NBC media site, here are your commentators for the 2010 Olympic Games for the networks of NBC:


Mike Emrick
Kenny Albert

Pierre McGuire
Eddie Olczyk
AJ Mleczko (Women’s)
Joe Micheletti (also reporter)

Studio Host
Bill Patrick

Studio Analyst
Jeremy Roenick
Mike Milbury

Cammi Granato

Looks like Doc and Kenny will call most of the games, with Olczyk and McGuire working as analysts for the men’s games (or Doc-Edzo-McGuire and Albert-Micheletti) and Mleczko and Micheletti as the analysts for the women’s games.

I still think there must be a third play-by-play man in there somewhere.  Also, we have all these studio analysts, but no hosts.  No Bill Clement in the lineup there, so perhaps there’ll just be a rotating cast of sportsdesk hosts setting up JR, Milbury and Cammi.

It’s also important to note that guys like Costas and Al Michaels are not in this media guide, so there could be larger names hosting things.  Hopefully a press release comes out soon.

UPDATE: Further research has discovered that Bill Patrick will host the hockey coverage for the entire Winter Games.  Should be interesting to see how he works with hockey analysts who have something to say.


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23 Responses to Your NBC Olympic Hockey Announcers

  1. Chris says:

    Pierre McGuire is on CTV’s coverage of the Olympics for Team Canada’s games and Medal rounds, so, he probably won’t do every game on NBC.

    • Josh says:

      Ah – ok. This nixes some of my comment below, but I think my main question still stands. We don’t know yet whether McGuire will be working the gold medal game for CTV or NBC.

  2. Colton says:

    It’s too bad CBC didn’t lend some of their staff to NBC.

  3. Josh says:

    Is McGuire going to be wearing his TSN(/CTV/Sportsnet/alphabet soup consortium) hat while he’s there too, or only working one side of the border? And if so, which side is he working for when Canada plays the US? It’s interesting to think of the guy who’s routinely referred to as the biggest Canada homer going during the WJHCs calling USA games on NBC.

    Tangentially related: I remember reading way back when Chris Cuthbert left CBC for TSN that he had negotiated it into his contract that he – not Gord Miller – would get to call the gold medal game for CTV/TSN (here’s a hfboards discussion that mentions it: So it begs the question, who will be at his side in the booth (or down at ice level) for the biggest hockey game ever on Canadian soil?

    Does anyone know? That McGuire will be working for NBC suggests that it won’t be him – so who would it be? Ray Ferraro? Who else is there? Do they go to the Sportsnet bullpen and throw someone random in with Cuthbert for the biggest call of his career?

  4. DyHrdMET says:

    From what I heard a while back, Pierre will be working the Team USA games for NBC that don’t involve Team Canada, and the Team Canada games for CTV that don’t involve Team USA. I know Darren Pang is tied up with Canadian TV.

    The other “big name” hosts are somewhere else in the media guide.

    It did seem like something was missing in terms of a 3rd broadcast team (it may be next to impossible for 2 teams to work the entire Olympics). I was actually hoping they’d get CBC’s top team, but the absence of Dave Strader seems peculiar.

  5. E says:

    NBC will need a 3rd team. I hope that NBC puts Roenick in the #1 analyst booth after the olympics. Boy that Eddie Olczyk is a bore. They need someone to spice things up. I think Roenick will be good.

  6. Robert Scofield says:

    I am so tired of our hockey announcers talking about the “miracle on ice” in 1980. That was a fantastic course of events which we will never forget, but forget we have for the 1960 team that came from nowhere to win the gold medal at the Squaw Valley Olympics. They were every bit an underdog as the 1980 team was and yet they prevailed. If you find it appropriate to relish in the memory of 1980, then lets do the same for the 1960 team. Hope you have the courage to comment on this on your coverage.


    Robert Scofield

  7. Matt says:

    Those of us who would rather see something other than a bunch of homer announcers look forward to the day when NBC realizes that since they are broadcasting to the US audience, they should at least pick a team that won’t say “Canada really deserves this gold medal” when they are talking about the USA getting a silver (happened in 2002) A balanced team containing an American announcer and, if necessary, a Canadian as the other part of the team would be good. But when your color guy acts like the penalty that puts the US on the power play was a terrible call, then you really have issues with viewers.

  8. Henry Kovacs says:

    Somebody screwed up bad having Jeremy Roenick work the olympics. Either have somebody come in and slap his a&(** or have Eddie (who is behaving way too nice) do it. Jeremy was a great player, but his attitude sucks. I haven’t seen that mentality since 3rd grade. He is the only weak spot I have seen during the coverage of the games. Everyone on air is positve and knowledgable. Jeremy is looking for a fight. He ain’t that good. NBC, please remove the mistake or shut him up. He is embarrassing not only the guys he is next to, but the entire viewing audience. Shame on ya big boy, you have just let everybody see the JERK you are.

    • dgunderm says:

      I think Roenick is hilarious. I enjoy his comments and I like his attitude. Of the three of them he knows the game the best and I like that he’s not afriad to disagree with the others.

  9. garagehero says:

    Whats with Dan Boyle’s dirty hit on Semin? Semin’s hit was clean….Boyle should have been tossed. I’ll tell ya something….Boyle and his Canadians wouldnt dare try that dirty rough stuff with the USA, they’ll get their clocks cleaned.

  10. garagehero says:

    Hey Mike Milbury….relax, this isnt the NHL. You dont have to toe the line by rationalizing dirty play. Its the OLYMPICS and Dan Boyle’s hit was as DIRTY as can be!!! He should have been tossed.
    Semin’s hit was clean through and through.

  11. Paul Harnish says:

    Could ‘Doc’ someone ‘Doc’ tell ‘Doc’ Eddie ‘Doc Olczyk ‘Doc’ that ‘Doc’ we ‘Doc’ know ‘Doc’ Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick’s ‘Doc’ nickname ‘Doc’ is ‘Doc’ ‘Doc’!!!!
    Otherwise, great coverage guys.

  12. Pat says:

    Wish the tv announcer would have stopped blathering … to let everyone in the U.S. hear and enjoy uninterrupted ceremony coverage, names of each American hockey player!

    (a courtesy given to the Canadian team, but should have been given to USA team too).
    [why mar the moment with inane commentary to hear his own voice?]

  13. pantonar says:

    Why don’t you guys show the reply of Crosby’s overtime goal.
    This is unprofessional bias on your part. Would you do differently if your team had won ?

  14. Fred Evans says:

    … “let’s listen to the public address announcer as he gives the names of the American players” And then your NBC announcers talk all during the announcing of the names so some of the players names cannot be heard ! ! ! What a pathetic disgrace… how amateurish and unprofessional.

    Also it was important to you to show your logo over the last goal scored by the US team. It was eventually shown but one would think that actually seeing the puck cross the line into the net is a fairly important aspect of a goal being scored. Would you cut off the last few seconds of a football player just before he scores a TD. That’s exactly what you did on your first replay of the tying goal. Another amateurish and unprofessional gaff !

    Maybe you can get some better people to do these jobs next time. Also tape delay of all things until “prime time” is annoying to say the least. It’s nearly impossible to not hear the results prior to viewing an event which makes it less exciting and in many cases people will just not watch when they know the result.

    Better luck next time. Maybe another network will be able to do the job.

  15. Mike P says:

    Awful coverage of the finals, esp. at the medal awards. Fire all of the NBC hockey broadcasters. How friggin rude that they spewed BS and nonsense while the Americans were getting their medals and their names were announced. Shut your pieholes. Once team Canada were given their medals and their names announced, not a peep from Doc, Mike and the other aholes who work for National Broadcasting of Canada! I’d pay to watch the game from another source, just to not listen to those idiots. U.S. didn’t win, ok, not bitter, great game. But, shut the F up while they get their silver medals. Show some respect. They didn’t. From now on, if NBC or their affiliates broadcast a hockey game and it’s the only choice, I’ll watch it on my plasma, mute it and tune in a radio station broadcasting it instead! It will have to be better.

  16. Mary Wisdom says:

    Love the coverage of the Gold Medal game up to a point! It was okay that they were as excited for one team as for another BUT the moment was spoiled for me when as the announcer from the Olympics was talking about the game and introducing the America team the NBC announcers just went on and on with their own comments! Someone finally said let’s listen to the announcer and they did for 2 or 3 and went right back over riding the ones in the stadium. That is until Team Canada was announced! Then they shut up for each and every members names to be announced! Shame they couldn’t have shown the same respect for Team America!

    For those of us who don’t watch all the team this was a real downer! Shame you had to spoil the end of a really good game by having to hear your own voices rattle on and on and on!

  17. dyhrdmet says:

    I agree on the medal ceremony. Doc Emrick correctly interruped the silence to explain that one of the US players plays for the Canucks, explaining the cheering from the crowd, but then they didn’t shut up after that (I blame Eddie Olczyk for that, and the producers for not reminding them to quiet down). Nothing needed explanation on Team Canada at home. I think it’s a bit harsh to say to fire the announcers over that or that they ruined the game, because they called a great game (especailly without Pierre McGuire) today.

  18. Paul Harnish says:

    Did anyone else notice that ‘DOC’ (sheese I think I will remember his nickname from now on after it being mentioned 64 tmes during the gold medal game) said that the U.S team will be receiving the BRONZE medal? What a dips___t. Stick to the play by play ‘DOC’.

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