Something I Noticed While Watching Hockey Last Night

New York Rangers radio play-by-play man Kenny Albert called the Islanders game last night against the Carolina Hurricanes on MSG Plus.  That’s an odd one.  Has something like this happened before?  Eric Hornick, why did this happen?  Is Howie Rose alright, or just resting from the fatigue that calling Mets games 150 days a year brings on a person midway through a hockey season.

I like the idea that we could use this segment to answer some questions.  By the way, to answer yesterday’s question, Rick Jeanneret is on vacation.  He’s apparently back tonight.  Thanks to Kevin Snow for the help.

4 Responses to Something I Noticed While Watching Hockey Last Night

  1. Brian says:

    Kenny also called the Islanders game on Tuesday against Washington. Howie is sick and should be back tomorrow in Philadelphia.

  2. Chris says:

    I was flicking through Centre Ice last night. I thought that was him.

  3. dyhrdmet says:

    ya, I saw something on Neil Best’s blog (he’s a media columnist for Long Island’s Newsday website/newspaper and is the best in the business) that Howie Rose was out sick. Jiggs McDonald is usually the fill in, but I think he was filling in on Florida Panthers games some time this month. Jiggs filled in around New Year’s for Howie on a few Islanders games for Howie’s vacation.

  4. Eric says:

    Howie returned for Saturday’s game in Philadelphia but missed Sunday’s game in Florida. Craig Minervini, who is the host for Panthers telecasts (and is a Long Island native) filled in for Howie on Sunday’s telecast.

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