Welcome to Week 2 of the Ron MacLean-Canucks Feud, Canada’s Answer to the NBC Late Night Squabble

Now apparently the Canucks are retaliating for MacLean’s coverage of the Burrows/Auger incident, according to the Vancouver Sun:

On Saturday, the Canucks turned down all interview requests on their nationally televised game against the Chicago Blackhawks. No Canuck player appeared pre-game, between periods or post-game despite the fact Vancouver handily beat the Blackhawks 5-1.

The three stars, as chosen by HNIC, were Canucks Roberto Luongo, Henrik Sedin and Ryan Kesler. It is customary for at least one of the three stars to do a post-game hit with host Scott Oake.

The boycott came from the top of the Canucks organization and was in direct retaliation for MacLean’s one-sided piece a week earlier on the Alex Burrows-Stephane Auger “referee-gate” incident.

“Any time we feel that one of our players has not been treated fairly, you have to take a stand as an organization,” Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault explained Sunday. “We did that and we’re moving forward.”

William Houston has more on the reactions from this whole mess:

MacLean, during the Hotstove segment on Saturday, seemed to acknowledge his piece should have included more scrutiny of Auger. But he didn’t address the worst elements of the report in which he judged Burrows guilty of faking an injury in the earlier game against Nashville and then actually put words in Burrow’s mouth.

The Canucks also were upset over Hockey Night showing video clips of Burrows and his history of cheap shots, goalie baiting and yapping. Reporting Burrows’ record was entirely appropriate in the context of his reputation and how he is viewed by the league, which decided to fine him $2,500 for accusing Auger of ethical misconduct. It also showed the league had shown leniency toward Burrow in previous incidents.  But, as Pierre LeBrun noted during the Hotstove discussion, McLean didn’t provide enough information on Auger or his record.

I’ll continue to lightly monitor this situation, if only because I know you guys are all so very tired of it.


7 Responses to Welcome to Week 2 of the Ron MacLean-Canucks Feud, Canada’s Answer to the NBC Late Night Squabble

  1. Keith says:

    Not only is this Canada’s answer to Leno/Conan, but the Canucks reaction comes right out of the Jim Grey/Pete Rose playbook, when Chad Curtis said the Yanks refused interviews with Grey after his game winning HR.

  2. Matt says:

    Im a flyers fan. For those of you who may not be familiar with the situation, mike richards boycotted the media for what he thought was unfair reporting/treatment and he was ripped by fans & media alike. So my question is do any of you think the canucks players/organization will be ripped for their boycott?

    • Bob says:


      As a Vancouver resident and fan, I can tell you that, in fact, it’s just the opposite. The fans and local media in Vancouver are overwhelmingly supporting the Canucks’ decision. Outside of Vancouver, that’s another story. However, we have a saying here on the West Coast – “when Toronto actually gets an NHL team, that’s when we’ll start caring what anyone who lives there thinks about our NHL team….”

      • Matt says:

        Thanks for the insight bob….This situation and the one in philly are similar, but different, if that makes any sense…..i love the shot at toronto as well, glad to see we’re not the only ones that hate them

  3. B.Kam says:

    I am from Toronto, but am a red wings fan and I can say that almost everyone here supports the ref. Burrows has a history of being a cheap shot artist and for faking dives, and thats why he will never get the benefit of the doubt.
    And this boycott of the media, doesnt really bother anybody except the Canucks and their fans since nobody else cares what burrows or luongo or any canuck has to say.
    If the league comes down strong on Sean Avery for talking about somebody else’s girlfriend, I think it should come down even stronger on somebody questioning the integrity of its officials.

  4. Bill says:

    Ron Maclean stated “We all know that Auger never said what Burrows accused him of saying”. Maclean has no idea what was said. Only Burrows and Auger know. Integrity is “everthing” in sports and commentators that have no integrity should be removed. The CBC is not a private network and cannot make biased unsupported statements about any canadian. End of story.

  5. Bill says:

    Apparently the Canucks are going to let the CBC lick their wounds and carry on. Now, the network and in particular Ron Maclean have been put in their place. Auger will be watched closely as he continues on in his refereeing assignments and Burrows can get back to playing hockey, which is something which he does very well.

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