Should the NHL Give Up On Television?

At 1:30 of this clip of Newsradio (how I solve all my life’s problems), Catherine Duke (Khandi Alexander) interviews a so-called “business visionary” named Tom Baxter whom, in 1996, claims that “computers are what’s gonna be big.”  This is derided as most people already knew that.

Author Kevin Maney seems to fancy himself a “business visionary”.  Here’s his website for some background.  Maney told ABC News on Yahoo! that the NHL should drop all of it’s television contracts and go exclusively to streaming games on the web, getting them on the forefront of the web revolution.

There will be two articles on this site upcoming: 1. a piece on what today’s NBC ratings are, and 2. a review of NHL’s Game Center LIVE.  Just pointing out that this sort of thing will be prevalent this week.  I want to hear your take on the interview.  Let me know.


2 Responses to Should the NHL Give Up On Television?

  1. TANK1 says:

    The NHL should be able to do both tv and broadband.The NHL should get those MSG HD feeds back on for NHLCI subs. And should buy the radio/receivers needed for the HD feeds from Canada for the NHLCI package. If they can spend 100’s of millions of dollars in PHX , there is no reason they can’t spend a few dollars to get the HD feeds of the 4 teams on MSG and all the games from Canada in HD.

    Those NHLCI subs are your loyal/ die hard fans and the NHL should treat us better.

    To increase the tv ratings the NHL needs to promote the league better. How many average fans can name every city that has a team in the NHL ?

    How many can name one player from each team ? Two players ?

    Can the NHL hold up any team’s jersey and feel confident that the average fan can name that team’s name and city they in ? The NFL can.

    The NHL should pay some of the better bloggers to write articles about each NHL team and sell those articles at reduced price to local newspapers of cities that have NHL team but no local beat writer.

    Just hire a blogger that loves his team and pay them to write about that team and then have the NHL work a deal to have that daily article published in the local paper.

  2. Patrick says:

    NHL should sign a revenue sharing agreement with all 4 networks (ABC-CBS-NBC-FOX) and grow the sport before trying to claim tv rights/package.

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